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If you could impersonate someone for 10 years, who and why?

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  • If you could impersonate someone for 10 years, who and why?

    As in the title, for added info the person you impersonate is just gone for these 10 years, put in stasis or whatever. You also gain the same memories as them.
    Your own body either stasis or carries on automatically, you regain the memories you missed when you switch back.

    Who would you be and what would you do with their life?

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    I'd be Donald Trump and do something positive.


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      I'd be Kim Jon iLL and help tons of people around the world. That would make the whole world go wild.
      Satisfaction is but a temporary staving off of desire in preparation for more dissatisfaction. Contentment is the elysium between these opposites.


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        Originally posted by Pelador View Post
        I'd be Donald Trump and do something positive.
        The accent would give you away lol

        "Who else is in here?"
        "Just us, monsters."


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          Trump would be a hard one though since if you started doing **** the Republicans don't agree with suddenly they're not going to back you up on any of it so you could get ousted and leave even worse people in office.

          I'd pick someone life Jeff Bezos who's somewhat more of a free agent, his money could be invested in to a lot of incredible things.

          But then, political power is mighty handy.
          Maybe I'd just be John Krazinski so I can bang Emily Blunt. Every. Day.

          I can't think who's life would be most fascinating to live, being Kanye West would be a surreal experience.
          Being Jason Momoa would be pretty badass two, imagine having half the women on the planet thirsty for you and being an excellent axe thrower.


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            Anyone rich. I'd relax and travel.