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The Official Motorcycle Enthusiast Thread

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  • The Official Motorcycle Enthusiast Thread

    Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts who love riding on two wheels! What car do you currently ride? Share a picture! What is your dream motorcycle, and why?

    I currently have a 2012 Honda CBR 250R. I purchased in late 2020 because it was extremely cheap, and because it's a 250cc. There is an exhilarating aspect about being able to ride at 10/10ths on the street, and I've had endless fun. It's not quite as slow as people bash on, and make it seem to be.

    My current dream motorcycle, which isn't really a dream since I can afford it, is a Husqvarna Svartpilen 401. I don't want to pay retail on a motorcycle, so I'll wait for a deal to come up, just as the circumstance with the CBR 250R arose. I just absolutely love the way it looks, as it's exquisite in my eyes!

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    i have plan to buy motorcycle too