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    Super. English dub of GT is unbearable.



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      Honestly I would say Super too, and I vowed to myself that I would never watch Super.

      Would you rather there have been a Water Blue Version and a Lightning Yellow Version instead of Leaf Green Version, a Mind Crystal Version, and a Chaos Emerald Version (Sonic The Hedgehog reference, LOL), or allow Green Version to have been released worldwide?
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        Green is basically Blue with a different boxart and was re-released as LeafGreen, so the former.

        Would you rather play Sword and Shield or Ultimate Tenkaichi?


        • #34
          Sword & Shield, since I already have them both and Ultimate Tenkaichi sounds awful even for DBZ video games.

          Would you rather MNT and Original Shinden to have never been reported and shut down, or have MFG still exist?
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            MNT and Original Shinden because MFG was longer ago and I've gotten over it not existing.

            Would you rather get married to a lesbian and lose tons of money in a divorce, or get raped in prison and released sometime later?


            • #36
              The latter since Jackie is actually bisexual it turns out, and the idea of marrying someone like her now sounds awful to say the least. Plus, I've already gotten over my sexual frustration when it came to what Micheal did to me years ago, so this wouldn't be that much different than before.



              • #37
                The former assuming the lesbian is hot, since I'd have sex with a female and not some gay rapist that way. Might choose the latter if I can get hypnotic therapy to erase the experience from my memory though, and if I don't get STDs.

                Would you rather be a gay rapist (e.g. you force people into male buttsex) or a statutory rapist?


                • #38
                  A gay rapist. I don't like the idea of being a criminal.

                  Would you rather have a niece or a nephew?