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  • Would you rather...

    ...Live in Boston or live in New York City?

    The game works like this: You answer the question then add another "would you rather" question underneath the answer.

  • #2

    WYR always disappoint people or always anger people?


    • #3
      I think I'll go with always disappointing people.

      WYR shower in water that's way too cold or way too hot?


      • #4
        Way too hot.

        Would you rather be a smoker or an alcoholic?


        • #5
          Alcoholic because having a fucked up liver would kill me just like lung cancer would and at least I'd have some drunken moments of fun.

          WYR be a white supremacist or a sexual sadist?


          • #6
            A white supremacist. When I think of a white supremacist, I imagine Victorious, whereas when I think of a sexual sadist, I imagine withheldforprivacy, and I have a much higher opinion of Victorious so...

            Would you rather Guts' father be Zodd or Skull Knight?
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            • #7
              Zodd I guess since as ridiculous as it would be, at least his flesh isn't all rotten off like Skull Knight's.

              Would you rather fuck Android 18 or Android 21?


              • #8
                Android #21 because Android #18 is taken, and it's kind of hot how she can turn Majin.

                Same question.


                • #9
                  Android 21 as long as she doesn't eat me afterwards

                  Would you rather be blind or lose both your legs?


                  • #10
                    Lose both my legs, as long as I get automail legs. Being blind is actually a pretty big handicap, and this is coming from someone who has myopia and wears glasses to make up for it.

                    Would you rather Kyo or Captain Cadaver join this forum and post with us?


                    • #11
                      Don't know who those people are, but Captain Cadaver since he has a better username.

                      Would you rather read 200 mangas or watch 200 animes?


                      • #12
                        As much as I prefer Manga over Anime, 200 Anime over 200 Manga. I have read enough Manga to be satisfied with the Interest, and I've never really been interested in obscure Manga. Also, a lot of Anime are short anyways, so I can take my sweet time watching them all.

                        Would you rather reread Vagabond or Vinland Saga?


                        • #13

                          Would you rather eat pie or hearts?


                          • #14

                            Would you rather be Asian or Middle Eastern?


                            • #15
                              Asian due to the fact that they're the most intelligent race. Not to mention Arabians sometimes have first cousin marriage for more than one generation.

                              Would you rather there be Book 4 of Avatar (Lightning or Metal, because Korra Season One was Air) with Aang and Zuko restoring balance to the world, Zuko finding his mother, Azula becoming sane, etc, or two new series of Avatar featuring an Earth Bender Avatar and a Fire Bender Avatar (both after Aang and Korra)?