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    Anyone here play forum mafia?

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    Yes, on the old forum we had occasional mafia games. I'm up for another one if more people are interested!


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      Originally posted by Emmeth View Post
      Yes, on the old forum we had occasional mafia games. I'm up for another one if more people are interested!
      So the forum has changed? I was thinking so. I signed up back awhile and then had to resign up when nothing worked on my signup.

      What were the games like here? open/closed setups? Were they standard or more bastard/original? Just curious?


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        I'm not super familiar with Mafia myself, I've only been in a few games and hosted one (because original host backed out). Usually when someone wants to do a Mafia game they make a sign-up thread and if it gets enough traction it's a game. We usually had a theme for them, most frequently Dragon Ball themed. We've also had Game of Thrones and WW2 themed Mafias.


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          Gotcha. I was curious as this site was listed as a site that played forum mafia and I thought I would check it out. I mod games on my home site and play on different sites.


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            Count me in if this ever gets kickstarted.
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              I'll play too and help out for sure. What's the minimum normally needed. Like 8 people?

              This is the section on the old forum (my heart still bleeds): https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/drag...rum/mafia-f82/
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                I can't believe I missed this thread. I already made a thread for this in the roleplaying lounge.