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Deep Discussion Rules

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  • Deep Discussion Rules

    All general rules apply in the debate forum and might be applied in a more strict manner if they aren't followed.

    When you make a debate, make sure it isn't something that is just a general issue which could be posted in Talk About Anything. Make sure you have a clear subject set and have an indepth opening post, anything not seen as a debate will be moved. Please think for a moment and really try to employ your best judgement when choosing a section. If you're really unsure, please ask a Moderator.

    Do not discriminate others by colour, beliefs, sexual orientation, country of origin, religious beliefs or anything else that might fall under this category. Ad hominem is strictly forbidden. Try to keep your opinions fair and respecting of others even if you don't share the same one. Also if you plan on posting for the sake of degrading, name calling, bashing, or otherwise attacking the person speaking DO NOT post here. This is not a section to get personal in or pick a fight with someone in particular. In the past people have not been able to have a civil discussion without resorting to attacks of character etc to get their point across. This will no longer be tolerated. You will be verbally warned if it is a minor offense, otherwise your post will be trashed and you will be warned if the post is offensive as outlined above.

    Conspiracy Theory topics will be junked immediately

    Copying a topic completely from another forum is not allowed unless you put the topic in a quote box, and say that it isn't yours. Also give notice to where you pulled it from. If you can not answer or argue the topic that you copied, then you should consider the topic spam and not post it at all.

    Feel free to bump an old debate if your post is something that hasn't been covered in the topic and it clearly gives a fresh input. However, use some common sense when doing this and be careful to not necropost in a religion thread, for instance, when those are being made semi-frequently as is.

    All main board rules apply here - especially rule #1 - respect. Consider it doubled down here as well as in the Dragon Ball sections to encourage you to stay civil. We will be much harsher on you for a violation of rule #1 here and in the Dragon Ball debate areas if you break it. If you can't stay civil, report why to a Moderator and we'll see if the other person has been unruly. Or maybe you just truly can't say anything positive to their point of view - simply walk away. Do not escalate and get yourself and possibly others warned as well.

    Also, no trolling topics or posts. Don't troll a serious opinion. Or try to bait anyone. Or make any post really without a serious, constructive point. Trolling, "s***posting", spamming - whatever you want to label it - is NOT acceptable here under any circumstances. This behaviour will necessitate exaggerated punishments as befitting the unique nature of this section. Repeated violations will result in permanently disabled access to this section and a possible suspension.