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Video Game Lootboxes and Micro-transactions / Gambling

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  • Video Game Lootboxes and Micro-transactions / Gambling


    Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley wants to propose a bill that will forbid gaming publishers from using lootboxes, micro-transactions and similar features that either require or offers users to use money to buy. This is essentially gambling since it gives a similar feeling of addiction.

    We can discuss that, but I also want to pose this question: What is your stance on gambling? Should it be illegal?

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    I agree that lootboxes and micro transactions should be banned. Not because I am opposed to gambling but rather I believe it greatly encourages the release of unfinished products where the consumer has to pay out the nose for basic content. Things that are locked behind a paywall. Also although I am not against gambling, I do think that some games are guilty of allowing children to be involved. If a game is charging real money for a random prize then that is no doubt a form of gambling. As such it should not exist in games that children play since they don't generally have the wisdom to know when not to do it. Plus it can groom bad gambling habits as well. Another point is where does the money go that is spent on lootboxes and microtransactions? I don't imagine it goes to anyone who actually designed or programmed the game.

    Reward players for experiencing the game, not spending money.



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      I don't think gambling should be illegal...but I think it should be regulated somehow.

      Even though there are certainly tons of regulations on it already, I think there should be limitations. There should be a lot of limitations on addictive things in general that just aren't.
      You shouldn't be able to go to a casino and gamble away your families money to the point of poverty because you lost control, it's completely shitty how that can happen.

      I feel like your funds should be assessed and you should have a limit on how much you can gamble.
      Such a limit would stop you from going too far overboard, it would also make you stop and think about your actions when you hit that limit. It's definitely easy to get sucked in to the mental loop hole of "Just one more...!"
      Also prevents stupid drunk people from not even realizing what they're doing.

      I guess a license would work? I definitely think it needs to extend to the individual more than it does the place of business.
      Though in this case, screw these greedy companies. They ALL know that kids play their games, they don't put colourful ridiculous skins in to Call of Duty to appease 30 year olds they do it to appeal to the kids they know play their games.
      They advertise adult games to children in order to boost numbers, they know damn well a knock on effect will happen with kids stealing credit cards and wasting money. This has been a problem with gaming for years, lots of mobile games have had flack for micro-transactions taking just a button click which leads to kids smashing it over and over, not even realizing they're draining their parents money.

      Honestly it boggles my mind how one can think loot boxes aren't gambling.
      You pay money to roll a dice and get a varied "reward" in the end.

      The only real difference is that you can't make any tangible gain, at all. Loot boxes may always give you a "reward" but it's always useless data that loses all semblance of value when the game it's in is no longer trendy or the servers are shut off.
      If you ask me, video game gambling is worse. It provides the same addiction and gives literally nothing back but imaginary currency and usually useless weapons or cosmetics.