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Is it okay to be fat?

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    Yes, being fat is bad. It's not good for you, it's not healthy.
    However, so is drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, playing video games, eating meat, driving a car.
    It's your own choice how much you are willing to sacrifice part of your health for enjoyment. You can decide to do none of these things. Become a non car owning straight edge vegan who spends all their free time exercising. But then you would have no enjoyment in life. It's our own choice how much we sacrifice our health for these little pieces of comfort. By being fat you are sacrificing a lot for little though. It's still your own choice, I'm not going to bash you, but I will bash you if you go out of your way to tell others it's okay, or God forbid, healthy to be fat. It is still a less desirable health choice that you should discourage others from picking.


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      Playing video games isn't bad for you. It's a hobby just like sports or music.

      Eating meat isn't bad for you either. Meat has a lot of protein and protein is very healthy for you.

      Driving a car isn't bad for you either. Unless you get into an accident, or do activities that would cause you to get into an accident, like driving while drunk and texting while driving.
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        They weren't all examples of being bad for your physical health.
        Some of them were bad for moral reasons.
        Meat is bad for the environment, driving a car is bad for the environment. Playing video games still isn't healthy. Just cause it's a hobby, doesn't mean it's good. Sport gives you exercise, video games plant you down on your butt, can be addictive and can keep you from spending your time usefully.

        If you do these things you don't have to feel bad about yourself, that was the point. We all do these things