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Is it okay to be fat?

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  • Is it okay to be fat?

    I sometimes see or hear comments from people saying they should be happy or proud of their shape. Now ordinarily this would be correct. You shouldn't generally let other people dictate if your personal appearance is acceptable or not. However I think the difference with overweight people is that it doesn't only come down to how they look. Being overweight is unhealthy. Not only is it unhealthy but it creates the suggestion that you are lazy and gluttonous. After all, how many people would be overweight if they didn't possess either or both of these traits? So no I don't think it's generally okay to be fat. I think people should make time for themselves to get exercise and they should educate themselves and be disciplined enough to have a healthier diet. Including myself. In fact I am trying to do this now and I've been quite sucsessful. If people don't want to make a lifestyle change for their own good then whilst that is their right, they shouldn't be too upset when they get fat shamed. Sometimes fat shaming is a person's misguided attempt to encourage them to be healthier. Of course it can also be straight maliciousness too. No you shouldn't fat shame but at the same time if you are fat then you should assume people are going to judge you, bully you or try to persuade you to lose some pounds by being insulting. As if that ever works.

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    Being fat isn't OK health-wise. Like you said, there are a lot of problems that come with it and it increases your chances of getting a variety of health problems at later stages in life. However, people have a right to be unhealthy if they choose. There are plenty of people who aren't overweight, or are slightly overweight but not enough to be 'shamed', who on the inside aren't much healthier than overweight people, yet their diet and lifestyle is rarely called into question. People tend to use the 'you shouldn't be fat because it's unhealthy' attitude as an excuse to berate overweight people because they don't like the way they look, which is not OK.

    However, on the flip side, people who are overweight can't complain (which I have heard first-hand) about the promotion of healthier and more active lifestyles. That's something that should definitely be done, in the same way as smoking should be promoted as a bad thing. Similarly, they have to expect and accept that family members will worry about their health. In the same way you would keep on at a relative to give you smoking, you're going to want them to have a healthier diet.


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      It's okay to be fat, it's not okay to tell everyone becoming fat isn't a bad thing.

      Sometimes being fat is out of your control, sometimes it was your own fault. In any case it's something that should never be glorified because it's objectively, unequivocally, unhealthy.

      I'm in two minds about the whole "Love yourself" thing because on the one hand yeah you should love yourself and you should have self esteem and such...but I also feel like you should want to be healthy unless medically exempt somehow. Which is nowhere near as big an excuse as people like to make it out to be.

      The fact that so many fat people are insecure about it to me seems like it should make it clear few people really want to be that way, no matter how much some will preach about how it's "fine" and that it being unhealthy is "just an opinion"
      If that were really true then making fun of ones appearance would have no effect.

      Other than the affect it has on the economy I don't care all that much about what adults do with their lives but I do think it's horrible how many people have obese children and just nonchalantly encourage terrible eating habits. I've seen so many children who can barely walk, barely breathe just stuffing more McDonald's in to their face.
      At the very least people should be obligated to encourage their kids to eat healthy and keep active, if they want to throw that away later in life then whatever, they make their own decisions.


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        obesity is bad. overeating is bad. exercise is good.

        Failing to live by this does not make one a bad person.


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          It's not good for your health, and often has adverse effects on your mental health as well (studies show that obese people tend to be more emotional). That being said, if a person is fat, I don't think it's fair to treat him as though he is lesser because of it. Being fat can be due to factors out of your control like thyroid problems, and even if it was your fault it doesn't really speak much in regards to your character.

          That being said, I am a person who has lost close to 100 lbs before, not because I think looking obese makes you less of a person, but because I wanted to have better self-esteem and not die of a stroke by 50.


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            Yes, just don't actively try to gain weight... Like some women who think being fat is beautiful.


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              If you're fat you may as well kill yourself.


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                I agree with you. But I also think that in addition to following a diet, you need to have an iron willpower, thanks to which you can follow a diet. For example, many people don't have the willpower not to eat a piece of cake that is in front of them. I also agree that basically all fat people are lazy people. Sometimes it is even difficult for them to understand the diet itself and what it is. For lazy people, they have even invented specially apps where you can count calories and watch various workouts and all this in one app. For example like of this https://www.modernfit.com/programs/n...ight-watchers/.
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                  Why wouldn't it be ok? But indeed, It's okay to be fat, it's not okay to tell everyone becoming fat isn't a bad thing.


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                    As said it's not good for health. But we also live in societies that make obesity more likely, with the excess sugar in food (one modern can of coke contains more sugar than the adult upper daily limit), sedentary jobs, a work-life balance that pushes people to eat processed and sugary food to save time, a lack of cooking lessons in school, the promotion of money-making fad diets and gyms as a solution rather than more sustainable lifestyle changes and a reduction in green spaces to exercise in in many areas. Plus a lack of psychological and social services (look into the history of the ACEs study). I also feel that obesity is so endemic and normalised that not being non-overweight or eating healthily, is almost looked down on at times. With all these factors pushing people towards obesity, I think obesity can't be painted as a moral failing of the individual, because personal diligence is only one factor of many. We can point the finger at individuals, but the fact there are such bjg discrepancies in obesity rates between countries shows it's not about the individual but more about circumstances and culture and more importantly, blaming individual and washing our hands of any responsibility as a society won't make the problem go away. Encouraging personal responsibility will help some people a bit, but it will barely leave a dent in the epidemic as a whole. Education (on nutrition, cooking, exercise, habit-building) and regulation of the food market and urban development are what's needed, so that healthy life choices as it pertains to obesity, are as easy as possible or at least as easy as they were generations ago.


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                      To answer the question, yeah it is. To echo some of the sentiments expressed here being overweight isn't a moral failing.


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