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  • Overpopulation

    Here's Earth's population's growing state all the way up to 2016, to give you a good idea of how much we've increased in numbers, in spite of large conflicts, plagues or catastrophes.

    What are your thoughts on the matter?

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    Most people live on about ten percent of the world's land, and our farming technology has been better than ever, if anything we have plenty for all, enough for all's needs, though not all's greed.

    And regarding the resources we do have, we should be putting money into being able to for example, clean the water supply to make drinkable water for humans, combat global warming, things like that, those are problems, overpopulation only occurs at specific areas where resources are not distributed equitably.

    Put simply, it's a matter of organization logistics, not of pure overpopulation and scarcity (yet anyway, hopefully by the time this would be an issue, we'll have long left Earth, that time however is certainly not now, nor the foreseeable future).

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      Population levels out naturally after a certain point. It can only grow as much as food supplies and living space allow. (look at China and Japan) We haven't reached that point yet in our existance. Factor in natural disasters, diseases, wars and accidental deaths that consistantly restrict population growth then I don't think we have to worry about the issue... yet. Heck I reckon barring a mass extinction or a massive loss of technology we'll be colonising space and the ocean floor before it ever gets too out of hand. At least I hope so.


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        Any major concern about overpopulation is pure alarmism.


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          It's nothing more than a myth IMO. There are numerous studies who say that the population will stagnate around 11 billions or so. There's a kurzgesagt vid if you're interested in.


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            I would say it's a bigger concern people realize but not for the usual reasons.

            We are way too densely populated but most importantly, poorly organized.
            Think about where you live and imagine what would happen if just one piece of critical infrastructure went out for a few months.
            How would you get food if the power went out? How would you store it? What would you even do with your life?

            The situation with the UK right now highlights how frightening it could be, if Brexit was to cut imports and exports for a while we wouldn't be able to sustain our population, high population zones do not produce enough to do so and if anything gets in the way of that people are boned and dependant on aid. There are a number of events that could just fuck the whole world up, each individual community is useless on it's own.

            Sheer numbers aren't the issue, the economy and how we organize it is. Most of our food comes from relatively few areas.


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              I personally don't believe over population will be a real issue until we have over 10 billion people in the world.