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Which of the seven deadly sins is the worst?

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  • Which of the seven deadly sins is the worst?


    Which one of these do you believe is the worst?

    I'd argue greed as it seems to be the one that's causing the most problems on Earth. Palm oil production which destroys forests, wars fought over land, oil and diamonds, Extremely wealthy people barely doing a thing to help those less fortunate. And of course the drug trade. Pretty much every terrible thing happening in the world is because of someone's greed. Not that the other sins can be ruled out of course. There's plenty of examples where they are to blame as well.

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    I have yet to watch the full series. Its on my watch list. Is it worth it though?


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      Greed is the worst when it comes to the collective, but as an individual worst trait I'd say Wrath. Wrath is just so unbelievably pointless, it's much better to encourage people rather than yelling at them.


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        Greed for sure, you can find greed in almost every issue humans have on this planet. Not enough land, not enough money, not enough resources, not enough food, not enough weapons, overconsumption of everything and people just desperate to hold on to every penny they have even if they have billions.
        People who literally never have to worry about being poor their entire lives crying like babies when they have to pay tax that will in no way affect the way they live.
        People who don't want others to find succeed and live as they do.

        Greed is the worst I'd say because it's effect can be felt by pretty much every person. If your country and economy is terrible you can bet greedy people fucked it up way back by racking up huge amounts of debt for stupid shit.