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How much should governments regulate food?

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  • How much should governments regulate food?

    The European Union has guidelines on how a lot of food in Europe is supposed to be farmed and produced. As do the individual countries within the European Union who sometimes actually have more specific legilsation regarding food products than what the European Uniion recommends. For instance healthy school meals is not something that the E.U goes much into if at all and instead is an innitiative put in place by nations on their own. The question is to what extent should governments take control of what we eat?

    On the issue of school meals, I think it's entirely fine for the government to legislate what they can provide for the students. Simply because the government owns the schools. It's government property so they can do what they like. Plus they should be responsible if they are going to privide meals for students. Where I draw the line here is trying to enforce what students can bring in for themselves. I've read a few stories of schools who don't allow students to bring in certain snacks. Look, they can make the rules since as I said, it's their property. Doesn't mean I agree with them in these cases. The school can't stop them eating what they like outside the gates, so what's the point in trying to control them from within? They're just going to stuff their faces hours later when school is over anyway so let them bring in the food they like.

    Now onto general produce. Do you think the government should decide on what goes into our food? Or is that entirely the responsiblity of the producers?

    My problem here is there's not enough balance right now. Governments want to legislate too much and manufacturers want to get away with murder to save money. I'm not sure there's really anything wrong with food additives or artificial colours but most of the food in the UK claims to have neither. Which is annoying when you want a loaf of bread but it will go bad after three days. I came across some bagels in the supermarket a few weeks ago and they were all on their best before date that same day. Then I look at the amount of genuinely bad crap that is in some of our food (like aspartame) and I wonder why that is allowed by not something relatively harmless like artificial blue food colouring.

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    A school should always offer healthy options. If they want to stop offering unhealthy food then that's also ok, the school decides what they can give to the kids given that there is healthy stuff among it.
    A kid should however still have the freedom to just enjoy snacks. Healthy food shouldn't be forced upon anyone, it should be available, besides that it's your own choice and responsibility.


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      I feel like schools should be afforded fairly strict control since they should be taking in to account allergies and such. It might seem harmless to give your kid a nut bar but if a lot of kids in school have a nut allergy it could be a bad thing, especially if a bully learns of this and has their own nut bars.
      Obviously not a common event but only example that came to mind.

      I feel food in general should be regulated only so far as what's dangerous, anything cancer causing or whatever obviously should go in the bin as should anything highly addictive or otherwise extremely unhealthy.
      Yeah, it's people's choice what they put in their body but ultimately a lot of people, particularly uneducated people are going to just shove anything in to their mouths without knowing of potential consequences.
      If nothing else, this unnecessarily burdens healthcare systems. Someone being treated for diabetes and obesity because they couldn't control themselves is taking time away from someone who got ill without any poor choices on their part.


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        They shouldn't be making GMOs for us to eat, that's for sure.


        • Ginyu
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          What do you have against GMOs?

        • Big Green The Yoshi
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          Ginyu, it's just nasty.

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        They should also outlaw fake butter at that. LOL.


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          What is nasty about GMOs? Pretty much all the good you eat are GMOs


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            Well maybe I'm just misinformed. LOL.