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Are drugs the root of most crime?

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  • Are drugs the root of most crime?

    Burgalary, muggings and organised crime generally revolve around a need for drugs. Organised criminals smuggle it in, get vulnerable people hooked and then those who are hooked commit crimes to fund their habit or because the drugs are messing with their minds. And these tend to be the majority of crimes.Do you agree?

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    No, people who get addicted to drugs are addicted because of the sh*t life situation they're in. People who tend to get addicted are already in a demographic that doesn't have their life together and may turn to crime. Drugs are not the root of the problem, they're a manifestation and escalation of it.


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      The root of crime is a poor upbringing or poor living standards. In very few cases there are people who are born without empathic ability, but those are the exception.

      I think the more love you are shown as a child the more likely you are to become a good person. If more people would use love instead of beatings and verbal hurt the world would be a much happier place. Less crime as a result.


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        I think it's ultimately selfishness for lack of a better word.

        People addicted to drugs get addicted to that high, they want to feel good and that can escalate in to extreme criminal acts to feel it.
        Others steal things for money or because they like stealing.
        Some people kill others for a rush.

        Selfishness/self gratification and being willing to go down dark avenues to achieve or feed that feeling.


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          Or they just need something to take them away from the shit life they have.


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            Eh, I don't think any crime is that simple really. Some people just enjoy it.
            Drugs in particular aren't always an escape from anything bad, they can just be an elevation to something you prefer.

            I don't think that logic really applies universally since it'd also apply to alcohol, many people drink for fun but they don't all want to perpetually be drunk even if they consider it more fun than being sober in many cases.


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              Seems it stands to reason that there are simply multiple avenues here.


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                I blame the current system we have under our governments and capitalism, both of which work to enforce a lifestyle that many people will loathe. The governments sets laws and punishments often for minor things (war on drugs anyone?) sending to prison, greatly hurting their chance at a good life and often making it much more difficult for them to earn well at an enjoyable job through legal means. Much of the energy of the people is misdirected at tasks of which the worker is absolutely alienated from, encouraging them to not only disconnect from their work but from society as well. In addition the political economy allows various moneyed interests to lobby our government, in America's case we have private prisons lobbying for minimum sentencing (taking out of the judge's hands the ability to inflict punishment), three strike rules, etc. All of these help to foster an atmosphere of resentment and negativity, and under the increasing laws and force used to enforce them, often meant to serve the interests of the corporate machine.

                None of this is meant to be an intentional conspiracy or anything, so much as the natural result of the system we live under. People feel more devalued and hopeless, and this helps justify the crime in their eyes as they exert the pent up despair, anger, etc.

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