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Why are humans obsessed with exploring?

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  • Why are humans obsessed with exploring?

    Humans always want to know what lies beyond the mountains. When we finished exploring our own planet we started looking out into space and imagining ways in which we could make new human settlements across the galaxy. What makes us like this?

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    Because life becomes motionless and boring if we can't find new things to obsess over. There are many reasons we explore but I think the main reason is that we want to find new life elsewhere, life we haven't encountered before. We are fascinated by the unknown.


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      Because it's fun.


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        If you really stop and think about it, there's still a whole lot to explore out there. I remember when Pokemon Go was the most popular thing out there, and people were finding all sorts of stuff in the wilderness and whatnot.


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          Fake reason: Exploration, human wonder, curiosity.

          Real reason: Money, boatloads of money can be made from doing it. The Americas, Africa, pretty much all the most famous explorations came about from the need of more money.


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            It's in out DNA/brain chemistry to want to understand things. Other primates are somewhat inquisitive, us more so. Our natural inquisitiveness and ability to think more complexly that other animals (at the expense of physical strength) allowed us to thrive and reproduce.

            I think in the modern day people have different individual motivations for exploring whatever they choose to explore. For some it's to better know themselves by exploring new environments and collecting new experiences and maybe escaping the pressures of their everyday life or even seeking stimulation to counter to monotony of their life, for some it's for the glory and pride of exploring places few or none have been to or discovering new things, for some it's to find ways to create new innovations or ways of making money and for some it's to get closer to the truths of science and religion.

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              I can't wait until humans discover another island.