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Do you think Michael Jackson did it?

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  • Do you think Michael Jackson did it?

    This is a tough one for me, considering all the factors, story changes, lack of actual evidence and such I lean more on the side that Michael Jackson was a very creepy and broken individual but not a molester.

    Often I see people suggest that everyone defending him is only doing so because they like him but while I like a lot of his songs, I really don't give a damn about him. The amount of inconsistency in peoples stories makes it hard to believe that they're credible.
    And with people like Corey Feldman saying MJ didn't abuse them that further makes it a murky picture, he has literally no reason to lie and has come out about being sexually abused in the film industry already.

    To me it's a bit too easy to look at it and just think "Oh he was really weird and creepy, he definitely did it"

    I feel it's not really conclusive either way but yeah, I lean on the side of Michael Jackson being a warped individual who was just obsessed with childhood.


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    I think he did some and put on an act in front of the camera where he came across as more innocent but I reckon he knew what he was doing. He wasn't stupid. I also think a lot of people are trying to exploit him.


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      Of course he did.