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Are bad religious people corrupt or just not religious?

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  • Are bad religious people corrupt or just not religious?

    So it should be common knowledge to everyone that a lot of horrible crap is done by religious people in the world, I need only mention altar boys for probably all of you to get the point.

    But are they religious? Do you think people like this actually believe in their God and are deluded enough to thinking they're not evil or do you think they all just use their religion to have easy access to whatever darkness they want to play around with?
    Or maybe there are even those who know they're being evil but still truly believe in their faith.

    What do you think? Is it possible for these sorts of bad people to still be religious or is religion merely a mask?

    I mean lets be real, most people in the western world at least who claim to be of a particular religion completely fail at following it so whether or not someone is truly religious is a tough one anyway.

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    They are still religious. They are fully aware that they will go to hell for their sins but temptation is too much for them even with that thought in their minds. Although I have no doubt some clergy are arrogant enough to believe God will forgive them. It's not an excuse by any means but I assume lifelong celibacy can make a person really horny sometimes. So perhaps abusing children is a release for some? Being on your own for long periods is bound to mess with your head in one way or another.


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      Hm, good question. In a way maybe. Even though they're not practicing what they preach, well, it just makes them bad at religion I suppose. I don't think anyone can fully fulfill what their religion says, but obviously you're referring to more extreme people. I know I certainly don't want to be associated with bad Christians though.


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        Yeah I think things like sexual needs you can never really fully avoid.
        I will never believe that those who claim to be devout don't at least masturbate from time to time, coupled with the idea of how you can be forgiven for your sins by admitting them I doubt they hold off on that.
        Just isn't healthy mentally or physically to not have a sexual release from time to time.

        I do believe that plays a factor in some of the horrible stuff that goes on but there's more than likely a huge mix of reasons why it goes on.

        What of other things though? Like say homophobia and how extremely against it some Christians(I'm only really going to be talking about them since I know little of other religions) can be against it up to or beyond the point of violence.
        Are people like that desperately fighting for what God wants or using religion to justify their own prejudices?

        It's interesting how people just pick certain parts of their religion and do shit things with it, is it a justification of what they already believed or do they genuinely think they're doing Gods work?


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          It obviously varies from person to person, but I fear that many use their belief in a religious cause as a mask to save themselves from any potential issues they may feel they have. I can't truly speak for everyone, but that's what I hold as probably the case.

          Religion is ultimately a flawed way of trying to establish a relationship with a potential higher power anyway, and I feel that is merely part of the territory. It's merely the wicked part of humanity showing its face, just like in many other things.


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            It's absolutely possible to be religious and a bad person. In this case it usually means being a hypocrite, other times their religion is used as a justification for what they are doing. I've got no doubt that some are 'religious' only as a means to an end, but I would say that it's just as possible that they do believe these things, even as they violate their own ethics and morals (often with some attempt at justification). Granted you could say their belief is only skin deep, but I do think a lot of religious people at least think of themselves as religious.

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              There is such a thing as fake Christians. They would happen to be narcissistic, sociopathic, or psychopathic individuals using Christianity as just another mask.


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                Originally posted by Guest View Post
                There is such a thing as fake Christians. They would happen to be narcissistic, sociopathic, or psychopathic individuals using Christianity as just another mask.
                There are also more of these individuals in Churches than you would like to think.


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                  It really depends on the person, I think. There are so many different causes, and you can never tell. But, in general, I think that they are still religious. Some don’t see themselves as bad people and think that their actions are justified. They do believe in God, but in that type of God that allows them to do what they would like to do. The other ones are aware of that and cannot resist the temptation to do so. They also believe that God will forgive them anyways in the future. Some people are just hypocritic. I’ve met this thing a lot among Christians. They often consider themselves better than the rest of the world and kinda hate non-religious people. It does not even depend on the church; it can be Baptist, Pentecostal, or Catholic - it does not matter. There are many good and bad things out there, but you do you and choose a belief that’s closer to your heart and look after yourself because everyone will answer for themselves.