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Why is there still racism?

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  • Why is there still racism?

    I might understand if we didn't have television, internet access and radios. But since we do have all of those things and more then why is it that some people still view certain groups of ethnicities as being lesser humans? Why do we still have racism in the highest levels of government and other institutions? It's been over 150 years since the end of American slavery and over 50 since the 1965 civil rights act. Yet we still see it every day. In our education, in our hospitals, in our places of work. Despite living amongst multiple ethnicites and them being shown daily in the media, people can still be racist. Why is it still a thing in 2019?

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    I have no idea in all honesty. It has never made an ounce of sense to me and it still doesn't.


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      A variety of things I'd say, in large part a class divide and then on an instinctual level we most likely see each other as different until we teach ourselves otherwise.
      If you were a pasty white caveman out in the wild and you saw a black dude there's no way you'd assume he'd be the same species as you, even beyond colour there's a lot of physical differences between races.
      We like to think we're incredibly evolved superbrained beings but we're still ****ing stupid in a lot of ways, if you're not exposed to a lot of races in positive ways as you grow up then you're more than likely going to feel like they're not normal, not part of your usual circles. People are naturally afraid of things they're not familiar with.

      And then on the class side of things the idea of ethnic minorities being lesser is perpetuated by them being crammed in to situations where they're more likely to resort to crime to get by, and that idea is fuelled by other racists who encourage people to believe that it's because they're a different race and not because they're poor and/or in ****ty areas.

      Aside from that generally society probably isn't mixed enough all around.
      Growing up I was in 3 different schools and I can count the amount of black kids that went to them on one hand. There was literally one between the first two schools I went to and he was bullied quite a bit for being the odd one out. Then there were like 2 in my high school, among hundreds of other white students.
      That doesn't speak for every single area of course but I guarantee you'd find there's more racist people in areas that are mostly one ethnicity, pretty much universally.
      Human beings are judgemental and stupid beings at our core. I guess it's a survival thing in a lot of ways? Your brain is initially wired to want to be with your group and unless trained otherwise you'll make snap judgements on what group another thing is in and whether or not it's different.

      Largely what I'd assume anyway. Back in the glory days of hominid bull**** there were tons of different species that looked human and half of them would just eat each other, probably left over instincts from that make us dumb today.
      As a modern type of human you wouldn't walk up to a Neanderthal and assume it'd give you a nice hug, it'd probably rip your head off and cook you.


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        Easy answer, some people still finds those that are different to them inferior (on either race, this doesn't just happen with white people from what I've seen) or it's also a case of trying to start conflict. We humans sure love those, don't we?

        “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”