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How much should we be concerned about privacy?

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  • How much should we be concerned about privacy?

    There's the old quote, "if I don't do anything wrong I have nothing to hide." But then how many things do we prefer to keep hidden that aren't technically wrong? Do we really want some accountant in Ohio knowing about some of the strange but still perfectly legal things we've been looking at online? And to what end should security services be monitoring us? Police make stupid mistakes all the time. Would you enjoy being that mistake? What if it was a Minority Report type of system and there was an error? You could be executed by mistake. As another extreme, what if the government started fining people for things they said in private or worse in a misguided attempt to eliminate offensive language? It's far fetched of course but if you look at how social media is being targeted right now, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to imagine ISP's being required by law to monitor and then instantly report anything deemed offensive to a legal body. And then with one more step the government starts putting listening devices in our homes to really try and stamp out any so called offence. That's just two moves and we're already in an Orwellian nightmare.

    At the moment I believe only raw data is collected. Companies look at patterns in the raw numbers and this can be used to estimate what sort of products you like. They don't really know anything personal about us though. Just things like "people who live here generally use these services." It's very vague and all they have is our data, not our information. So for now we're safe in that regard. It's similar with the government. They also can only see raw data. They need a warrant to read anything personal about us if we don't have a criminal record or dna in their databases. I understand the concerns about internet bullying, organised crime, hate groups and terrorism. That stuff should definitely be looked out for. But I think it's very easy to slip into babysitter mode and go overboard checking everyone in case they might be doing something wrong. Companies and the government need to be quite careful as the slope is indeed slippery and not that steep.

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    My issue with the privacy thing isn't so much the loss of privacy, as the fact that this doesn't go both ways here. The police tell us that we have nothing to fear from oversight if we have done nothing wrong, however, they themselves also resist at every opportunity any attempts to impose oversight from the outside upon them, and so it is, the people in power will have privacy, but not us. This should be an equal relationship, but so rarely is, and in some cases almost can't be with the resources the government has compared to civilians. And because of that, I do find myself a lot more wary regarding the loss of privacy. It only goes one way, and that's an imbalance of power.

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      We should only really be concerned when people get in trouble for looking at things that harm nobody. Like if someone watches a bit of hentai now and then, maybe even some lolicon stuff, it's weird but if that got leaked and someone got fired for it that'd be complete bullshit.

      But generally speaking, there's not much we should actually care about until people are being put away for things that aren't that bad.
      If someone is watching child porn, snuff or engaging in horrible deals online then it's hard to give a shit about their privacy.
      Most details about yourself really aren't important in the grand scheme of things.
      Like if the government can see your messages on Facebook and see that you're cheating on your wife, they have absolutely no reason to do anything with that information. Unless your mistress is a suspected terrorist or something.
      Or maybe they know about a really cringey story you put on Yahoo Answers one time, again they're not really going to do anything there, a government agent won't burst through the window at work like "Yoo look at this pathetic Trump x Obama fanfic Dwayne made!"

      If they catch people who really should be caught then whatever. I don't care if they know my details until they act on them which they have no reason to do...I paid for all those torrents...I did! Or or or...I'm old and don't understand how to internet...

      I doubt the common man will accept any truly Orwellian crap...hopefully anyway.


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        More than just concerned at this point. I mean people are moving to different and new social media platforms because of the invasion of privacy on Facebook and Twitter.
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