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2021 Dutch Elections

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  • 2021 Dutch Elections

    In March my country gets to go to the voting booth again. Here I'll tell you something about it for those interested. I'll put up some introductory info first, then a table with general info and lastly in some spoilers I'll go deeper into the individual parties.

    So, first things first, we're voting on "de Tweede Kamer" (Second Chamber) our House of Representatives. They decide the laws and policies, the senate (de Eerste Kamer|First Chamber) accepts them, and then they go into practice. In short, these are the general elections, they are considered most important because this is where the most important decisions are made, it's where shit gets done. The chamber has 150 seats. The seats are divided over the parties people vote over, that's done proportional to the amount of voters show up. Real simple: Amount of voters that show up / 150 = Amount of voters needed for a seat. Seats are assigned. Any seats left unfilled will go to the parties with the biggest surplus of votes. After the votes are counted the seats a assigned we go into a formation process. A coalition of parties has to be formed who basically become the government. Such a coalition must have 76 seats (150 / 2 + 1) to form a majority. Preferably the coalition also has a majority in the First Chamber, that way any law they make gets accepted as well unless something is really wrong. The formation of a coalition is done by the party with the most seats, their leader also becomes Prime Minister, if the party fails to make a coalition the second party gets to try, though this is almost never the case. The current coalition consists of 4 parties: VVD, CDA, D66 and CU. It's considered to be a centre-right government.
    Party Ideology Economic (right-left) Society (prog-con) Leader Current seats Lowest poll Highest poll Districs Competing
    VVD Classic Liberalism right centre Mark Rutte 33 32 (Peil) 36 (Kantar) All 20
    PVV Populism centre-left very conservative Geert Wilders 20 18 (Kantar) 22 (Peil) All 20
    CDA Christian Democracy centre-right conservative Wopke Hoekstra 19 15 (Kantar) 17 (1V/Peil) All 20
    D66 Social Liberalism centre-right progressive Sigrid Kaag 19 17 (Kantar) 19 (3 pollers) All 20
    GL Green centre-left progressive Jesse Klaver 14 8 (Peil) 11 (1V/I&O) All 20
    SP Socialism left-wing lean conservative Lilian Marijnissen 14 10 (I&O) 12 (Kantar) All 20
    PvdA Social Democracy centre-left lean progressive Lilianne Ploumen 9 10 (Peil) 12 (Kantar) All 20
    CU Social Convervatism centre-left conservative Gert-Jan Segers 5 6 6 All 20
    PvdD Animal rights centre-left very progressive Esther Ouwehand 5 5 (I&O) 6 (3 pollers) All 20
    50+ Pensioners' Interests centre-left conservative Liane den Haan 4 0 (1V/Peil) 1 (I&O/Kantar) All 20
    SGP Christian Right right very conservative Kees van der Staaij 3 3 3 All 20
    DENK Identity Politics centre-left centre Farid Azarkan 3 2 2 All 20
    FvD Nationalism right conservative Thierry Baudet 2 5 (3 pollers) 6 (Peil) All 20
    JA21 Conservative Liberalism right conservative Joost Eerdmans 0 2 (3 pollers) 3 (Peil) All 20
    CO Direct Democracy centre centre Richard de Mos 0 0 0 All 20
    BIJ1 Anti-Capitalism far-left very progressive Sylvana Simons 0 0 (1V) 1 (3 pollers) All 20
    VOLT Eurofederalism centre-left progressive Laurens Dassen 0 2 (1V) 4 (I&O) All 20
    JONG Youth interests centre-left progressive Jaron Tichelaar 0 0 0 All except Caribbean
    LHK Centrism centre centre Henk Krol 0 0 0 All except Caribbean
    PP Pirate Politics centre-left progressive Matthijs Pontier 0 0 0 All 20
    LP Libertarianism far-right centre Robert Valentine 0 0 0 All 20
    BBB Agrarianism centre conservative Caroline van der Plas 0 1 1 All except Caribbean
    NIDA Islamic Democracy centre-left conservative Nourdin El Ouali 0 0 0 All 20
    NLB Health Care Reform centre lean progressive Esther van Fenema 0 0 0 All except Caribbean
    S Social liberalism centre-right progressive Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen 0 0 (3 pollers) 1 (Kantar) All except Caribbean
    OR National conservatism right conservative Michael Ruperti 0 0 0 All except Caribbean
    JL Evangelicalism left very conservative Florens van der Spek 0 0 0 16 out of 20
    ToNL Conservative Liberalism right conservative Sander van den Raadt 0 0 0 13 out of 20
    UBCF Ubuntuism left progressive Regillio Vaarnold 0 0 0 13 out of 20
    PvdE Islamism centre-right very conservative Arnoud van Doorn 0 0 0 8 out of 20
    DFP Apoliticism/Satire no no Johan Vlemmix 0 0 0 8 out of 20
    VSNL Populism centre-left centre Bas Filippini 0 0 0 6 out of 20
    WZNL Fascism far-right very conservative Erwin Versteeg 0 0 0 6 out of 20
    MNL e-Democracy centre centre Niels Heeze 0 0 0 4 out of 20
    DG Green left progressive Otto ter Haar 0 0 0 2 out of 20
    PvdR Anti-Monarchism centre-right lean progressive Bruno Braakhuis 0 0 0 2 out of 20
    Blank Independents don't know don't know Anna Zeven 0 0 0 12 out of 20

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
    English: People's Party for Freedom and Democracy
    The VVD has been the biggest party in the Netherlands for 10 years now. Their dominance started when they appointed Mark Rutte, the current PM, as their leader. He had a scramble for power with Rita Verdonk, she wanted the VVD to remain in a conservative direction, while the younger Rutte aimed to focus on economical aspect of the VVD and pleaded for more progressive drug, abortion, euthanasia laws, etc. Mark won and has won 3 elections, meaning he's been our PM for 10 years now. There's a bit of discussion as to whether or not he'll continue, but since his most obvious heir, Klaas Dijkhoff, is leaving the party, he'll probably remain for another 4 years until a suitable successor is found. The VVD is still looking good to win the election. They've governed for very long and everyone seems content with how everything is going. The coronavirus only seems to have helped them. Sensible lockdown strategies made them more popular, everybody has kinda come to the realization that everything is pretty well organized here. And VVD voters intend to keep it that way. This has been my favorite party for a while, not sure if I'll vote for them again, there is a smaller party I'm considering. Anyway, yeah. VVD, your classic liberal party.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Partij voor de Vrijheid
    English: Party for Freedom.
    This party doesn't like muslims, that's pretty much it. Kind of our white trash parties. Economically they've adopted a lot of lefty policies to get the lower class white people on their side, but mainly they focus on the problem of the Islamization of the nation. The leader has had a couple cases against him for racism, which he won, because turns out we don't really have any hate speech laws. But yeah, their party program is just a one page long list of 40 statements, about 20 of which relate to having less foreigners. You get the gist, odds are pretty low I'll vote for them.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Christen-Democratisch Appèl
    English: Christian Democratic Appeal
    Christian Dem party. Pretty much the European average, these guys are big buddies of Angela Merkel. centre-right average policies and a bit of conservatism to appease the Christian base. They're the kind of party that won't really outlaw abortion, euthanasia and drugs, but they'll make it very hard for you. I don't like the for the simple fact that they're Christian, and I like my church and state separated, but policy wise they're... eh... Not terrible. Won't vote for them, but wouldn't mind them in the coalition with limited power per se.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Democraten '66
    English: Democrats '66
    Liberal party who adopt a lot of progressive viewpoints. They tend to be very green, and their economic policies usually don't go that far to the right. They're still more of a right than left wing party. D66 will probably lose seats again in their never-ending vicious circle: get votes > enter coalition > discard a lot of your ideals > lose votes > get a shit coalition > people become unhappy. Repeat the cycle. They're currently in a coalition with pretty conservative parties so they abandoned a lot of their ideals again for some meager green policies meaning they're off to get downgraded again. They used to be my favorite party, but quite quickly realized it's pointless voting for them because all they do is push for a few green policies (and often the wrong ones, meaning expensive policies for little reward) then give in to the other parties. They also really like to let you know their party leader is a woman, which is something that doesn't really affect me in any way.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: GroenLinks
    English: GreenLeft
    Classic green party. They're actually not that left-wing, even though it's in their name. They mostly care for environmental policies, green energy and all that. They got a lot of votes in 2017 becomes the biggest party on the left, but kind of let their voters down by not wanting govern with the VVD, on one hand I get it, it would be a tough coalition, on the other hand, this was their one chance to actually do something and they decided to leave it and shout from the sidelines, that'll probably cost them seats come this election. It's a pretty decent party besides that, probably the best on the left in my opinion.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Socialistische Partij
    English: Socialist Party
    An ex-Maoist party turned regular socialist. The SP kinda goes up and down in the ratings. When they're silent they seem to be racking up votes, probably from dissatisfied citizens who see a solution in socialism. Then they do something silly and lose a bunch of seats again. Currently they're got some internal problems again. A bunch of the party members were removed because they radicalized into communists according to the party. A large chunk of the party itself didn't like that and things that the party top is actually going to far to the right. The inner struggle in the SP is pretty big. You've got people on one side betraying their ideals in order to get into coalitions, on the other hand there's people radicalizing shifting the party into an endless cycle of opposition. We'll have to see how these struggles develop. At the moment it seems a lot of the radicals are leaving the party in favor of BIJ1.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Partij van de Arbeid
    English: Labour Party
    Classic old labour party. Mostly focused on the economical left. They lost a lot of seats in 2017 because of their previous coalition with the VVD. VVD back then had 40-something seats, the PvdA 38 iirc. it should've been a 50/50 coalition but the PvdA gave a lot of leeway to VVD policies. People massively abandoned the party in 2017, the biggest loss I've ever witnessed in a party. They seem to slowly be creeping up again, they're challenging GL in becoming the biggest party on the left.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: ChristenUnie
    English: ChristianUnion
    This is a Christian party in every sense of the word. pretty left-wing economically all love-thy-neighbour and shit. But they're very conservative, don't like abortion, don't like euthanasia, don't like drugs, tobacco, alcohol, foreigners, you get the deal. They get a consistent amount of votes and governing doesn't seem to hurt them, they usually worm their way into a coalition, fight to make euthanasia a little harder and their voters all get an orgasm and vote for them again. Shit fuckin party, fuck the CU.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Partij voor de Dieren
    English: Party for the Animals
    One-issue party, that being animal rights. They are the most popular one-issue party though. They also care a lot about green policies, kinda makes sense, saving the planet, saves animals. These are your stereotypical vegetarians, but in all honesty, not a bad party. They force a lot of motions through for animal rights, they are actually quite significant in what they do and very few parties oppose them. A good addition in the government if you ask me.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: 50PLUS
    English: 50PLUS
    The name might say 50+ but you have to be 60+ to vote for these guys. Just a bunch of grumpy old people who want to lower the retirement age. Their charismatic leader has even left the party, doubt they'll even get a seat this year.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
    English: Reformed Political Party
    Christian Wackos. Super right-wing. Super Christian. They want to prohibit shops from being open on Sunday, Make reading the bible mandatory in schools. They always get 3 seats, always from the same people living in the bible belt. They also hate foreigners.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: DENK
    English: THINK
    Minority rights party. Mostly comprised of Turkish and Moroccan ethnic people. In general always try to fight racism but usually get bad media attention because of silly mistakes they'll make. They'll defend the wrong people usually. Also seem to have ties to Erdogan's AK Party. Hard to track how many votes they'll get, they are very popular among Turkish and Moroccan immigrants, but they have unreliable turnout rates.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Forum voor Democratie
    English: Forum for Democracy
    Very right-wing party. Got very popular over the years because they seemed to be an intelligent alternative to the PVV, now they're off down again because they ignored accusations of anti-Semitism within the party. A ton of people left and a ton of voters left with them. The remains are still here. FvD, at 4 seats now, but at one point at 28 seats in the polls. Parties splintered away from them are GO and JA21. Most FvD voters have left for the PVV and VVD though. What remains now is an alt-right mess simping for Thierry Baudet their leader. We'll see if they even manage to hang on to those 4 seats projected right now.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Het Juiste Antwoord '21
    English: The Right Answer 21
    Splintered away from FvD. Probably the most sensible of the bunch. They're led by two beloved politicians. Joost Eerdmans has done a lot in local Rotterdam poltics and Annabel Nanninga has done a lot in Amsterdam local politics. These guys imemdiately rejected the anti-Semitism and left to form their own little conservative right party. They're at 2 seats now in the polls, I could see them growing.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Code Oranje
    English: Code Orange
    This party wants direct democracy. A lot of referendums and an eventual e-democracy where the populaton directly decides on policies. Their current leader is being investigated for corruption, it honestly seems like a pathetic party but for some reason they have 1 seat in the polls right now.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: BIJ1
    English: Together
    Most left-wing party we have. They are Marxists. Seem to be getting a lot more popular though, they're acquiring a lot of the SP radicals. Their youth wing is mostly controversial, mostly because of their constant use of ACAB which is a very controversial thing here. And party members being spotted at Julius Malema rallies in South Africa. Their website also seems to be filled with a lot of SJW-ey stuff about reparations and toxic masculinity. Not my kind of party. But the Internet leftists do like them.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Name is literally just VOLT.
    Volt is a pan-European party, they're Eurofederalists fighting for more European integration and cooperation. Besides this the Volt party looks very liberal and green, but the focus remains on Europe. This is probably my favorite party, I'm considering voting for them, but seats wise, it'll be a battle for 1 seat.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: JONG
    English: YOUNG
    People who want young people in politics and want to fight for younger people's interests. Read free college, voting age down to 16 and issues young people like in general: green politics. Don't really have a chance at a seat. There's alsready big parties fighting for these issues, and young people can already enter politics through their youth wings. There's not really a need nor support for this party.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Lijst Henk Krol
    English: List Henk Krol
    Party is named after the leader Henk Krol. The old leader of 50+ but had a falling out with them. he still has some support but not a lot. His policies seem to be all over place. right-left-prog-con, he's got it all. Probably won't get a seat, but you never know.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Piraten Partij
    English: Pirate Party
    Classic old pirate party. Every country has one. Non of them have power. Dutch pirate party ain't no different. Probably another seatless year for them.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Libertarische Partij
    English: Libertarian Party
    These guys watched one too many American Netflix show. They want to allow guns and stuff. Super libertarian. Got 0.01% of votes last year. Wackos.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Boer-Burger-Beweging
    English: Farmer-Citizen-Movement
    They are party who are coming up for farmers' interests. Often that means going agaisnt green policies making them very unpopular unless you're a farmer. Won't get a seat.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Nida is an Islamic word meaning 'call' or 'vote'
    They're an Islamist party. They apparently get inspiration from the Koran. Pretty conservative parties, though left-wing. Got semi-popular in Rotterdam, trying nationally now. Don't think they have a chance at a seat.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: NLBeter
    English: NLBetter
    One issue party fighting for health care reform. These kind of one issue parties never make it. They got a little media attention, but no chance in the actual elections.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Splinter
    English: Splinter
    This is the party of Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen. When she left the Party for the Animals, she founded the Party for the Future with Henk Krol, who had left 50PLUS and Henk Otten, who had left Forum for Democracy. The Party for the Future didn't last long, there were huge differences in the party (honestly, no shit, founded by ex-nationalists and ex-animals rights people, yeah, not exactly a good idea.) they all went their separate ways. Otten took the right-wing faction to Group Otten, and Van Kooten-Arissen took the left-wing faction to this party. Splinter Politics. The remainder joined Henk Krol and at List Henk Krol. Anyway, Splinter is a social liberalist party, they're a lot like D66 in their opinions, I don't see them surviving.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: OpRecht
    English: It's a play on words: Op Recht can be translated as 'According to justice.' Oprecht can be translated as 'Sincerely'
    Another party that wants to jump in the vaccum between the classic liberal VVD and the nationalist FvD. There's so many people who seem to have this idea, but there's two main issues with it.
    1. the CDA already fills this vaccuum and plenty of people don't care that they're voting for a Christian party.
    2. it doesn't work if 5+ smaller parties want to do this at the same time. I think JA21 will finally fill this spot as they already get media attention, and the creation of these small pathetic parties will stop.
    No seats, no one cares.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: JEZUS LEEFT
    English: JESUS LIVES
    Yeah, name says enough. Wacko Christians that sound like they're on LSD all the time. Of course they're not really high. They're HIGH ON THE SPIRIT OF JESUS! AND IT'S TELLING THEM THAT YOU CAN'T HAVE ABORTIONS.
    Not gonna lie, they're super entertaining in the debates. Great party, 0 seats.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Trots op Nederland
    English: Proud of the Netherlands
    Remember that Rita Verdonk woman from the VVD story? This is the party she made after losing to Mark Rutte. VVD but more conservative. Think she's been gone for a long time but the party continues to compete in elections, they never get media attention let alone a single seat.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Name: U-Buntu Connected Front (official name is already in English)
    An Ubuntuist party! Yeah, really anyone can make a party in the Netherlands! This one is for Ubuntuists!
    0 seats.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Partij voor de Eenheid
    English: Party for Unity
    This one is an amazing story. So the leader of this party is an ex-PVV member. But wait... Isn't this an Islamist party? Yes, yes it is. And isn't the PVV Islamophobic? Yes, yes they are.
    The leader of the party converted to Islam and left the PVV, as if that wasn't enough humiliation for them he also created this Islamist party. They unironically want Sharia law in the Netherlands. anti-LGBT, anti-Zionist. Very entertaining, this is Dutch politics at its best. thank God for 0 seats.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: De Feestpartij
    English: The party party.
    Name is way better in English. They want to give every Dutch citizen €10.000. Because that's how money works. Got some other stupid things they want. It's a satire party, too bad they're not actually funny or clever. Boomer humor, 0 seats.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Vrij en Sociaal Nederland
    English: Free and Social Netherlands
    Weird party, their website goes on about humanism and being nice to each other. Very little actual policies. They are also corona-sceptic. Just a little bit nutty I guess. Nobody cares anyway, 0 seatos!

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Wij Zijn Nederland
    English: We Are the Netherlands
    These guys are probably the craziest party we've ever had aside from the Party for Liquidation (Wanted to sell the country to oil sheiks and divide the profit among the population) and NSB (Dutch Nazi Party).
    Their website is full of anti-leftism, conspiracy theories, corona-denial, climate change denial, anti-immigration rhetoric. They even have a policy where they want the Netherlands to return to a population of 14.000.000 by closing the borders and promoting re-migration. Absolute fucking nuts. Literally the only party out of all these 37 to support the curfew riots from late January.
    0 seats? I fucking hope so... I'm afraid some talkshow host will try to get some views, invite them and it'll result in enough wackos to vote for them and give them a seat.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Modern Nederland
    English: Modern Netherlands
    They want e-democracy. Pretty pointless because Code Orange is already fighting for direct democracy with e-democracy as its long term goal. It's also one of the long term goals of FvD. Throwing your vote away here. 0 seats.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: De Groenen
    English: The Greens
    This is literally a Dutch wing of Die Grünen (German green party) why they're here I have no idea... We already have a green party. (see GL). These guys are a little bit more economical left, but not much. They're only competing in 2 out of 20 voting regions, so they're literally just taking away votes for GreenLeft, so fucking stupid. 0 seats. Predicting these guys will get the least votes out of all 37 parties.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: Partij voor de Republiek
    English: Party for the Republic
    An anti-monarchist party. Want the Netherlands to become a republic. They're economically liberal. societal pretty progressive. Actually a decent party, not sure on the Republicanism myself. Would consider voting if they were bigger or got media attention. For now, 0 seats.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Dutch: blanco lijst met als eerste kandidaat Zeven, A.J.L.B.
    English: Blank list with 'Zeven, A.J.L.B.' as its first candidate
    a list of independents, not affiliated to any party, very hard to get any proper info on them. I have no idea what they want other than they're corona-sceptics. Seem like wackos to me I guess, 0 seats.

    I'll occasionally update this thread with expected seats or party development. Feel free to share your opinion or ask questions.
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    Update 1:
    - Edited the expected seats according to current polls.
    - Removed Lodewijk Asscher as PvdA leader, he stepped down as leader because of controversy. New leader is to be determined.
    - Replaced Jezus Leeft with Splinter. Jezus Leeft is not to be taken seriously anymore and Splinter is apparently getting a slight bit of attention from pollsters.


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      Update 2:
      -Updates all the parties to everyone who is confirmed competing. Removed all the parties that failed to sign up.
      -Updated expected seats again. For those wondering, the range is literally just the lowest polling number that shows up as lower bound and the highest polling number that shows up as higher bound. The polling stations I'm using are I&O, Ipsos/1V, Kantar and Peil.


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        Ngl, I came here to meme about the Dutch but this stuff is actually pretty cool, Tom.
        Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



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          Might translate the most popular political test later so you guys can see which party you align with.


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            Alright, here’s a Dutch political test y’all can fill in and it’ll tell you which party to align with.
            The link to the test is here: https://tweedekamer2021.stemwijzer.nl/#/
            I’ll explain it a little bit and put translations of questions into spoilers below with some context. In general you’re gonna be asked question and you can click on either “eens” (agree|green button) or “oneens” (disagree|red button) there is also a grey button with “geen van beide” (neither) but I advise avoiding that button. Parties have very particular niche reasons to pick that stance and they also avoid it because the people avoid it too and the parties want you to agree with them. If you don’t know the answer to a question there should be a white button in the bottom right “overslaan” (skip) this ignores the question, I advise clicking that. Remember the question you find extra important, at the end you can click a bunch of question you find important so you can make them a little more valuable in the end result.
            There are 10 parties that don’t compete. Coincidentally they are the 10 parties at the bottom of my table, they are incredibly unimportant anyway so doesn’t matter.
            Make sure to read the question properly, some of them have negations in it which confuses many people. So: “Taxes should not be raised further”
            Agree means: Taxes = bad
            Disagree means: Taxes = good

            Click start to start.
            Vaccinatiebewijs (Proof of vaccination):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Organisers of events should be able to ask for a certificate of vaccination upon entry.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Corona. We’re vaccinating people now and eventually we wanna open up festivals, restaurant, etc. Some people want to do this safely by asking people for proofs of vaccination to ensure safetry, others have privacy issues with that or don’t think it’s fair to people who choose to not get vaccinated.

            Defensiebudget (Defence budget):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The Netherlands have to spend more money on defence. (the military)
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: We are currently spending 1,35% of our GDP on defence. The norm agreed with NATO is 2% of the GDP, so we’re under it. People in favor range from “let’s honor the norm” to “TERRORISTS ARE GONNA KILL US ALL.” People against range from “nah, waste of money” to “ABOLISH THE MILITARY.” Pick your poison.

            Gratis kinderopvang (Free daycare):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Day-care has to be free for parents at least 3 days per week.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: At the moment it’s not free. Parents pay and people with low incomes can get an allowance based on their income. Pros: Incentivizes people to work. It’s a burden off shoulders of parents. Cons: Taxes go up. It’s free for everyone and doesn’t redistribute wealth.
            Both sides argue the quality of Day-care will go up if they get their way, so yeah.

            Nederland uit EU (Netherlands out of EU):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The Netherlands has to step out of the European Union.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Think it’s pretty clear. Brexit but for the Netherlands.

            Rekeningrijden (Road pricing):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Instead of a tax on car ownership there has to be a tax based on kilometers driven.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Think it’s pretty clear. Opponents are saying it hits people harder who live outside of populated areas. Proponents just think it’s fairer to tax that way.

            Vuurwerk (fire works):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Next New Years’ eve, people should be allowed to light low-grade fireworks again. (They prohibited it this year because of Corona)
            Spoiler Alert!

            Pro: Tradition, fun, pEoPlE wIlL dO iT aNyWay.
            Contra: Injuries, damage, animals, iT’s nOt aCtuAlLy fUn.
            See YouTube video “How to survive Dutch New Year” for more context and some cool explosions.

            Vleesbelasting (meat tax):
            Spoiler Alert!
            There has to be an extra tax on the purchase of meat.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Pro: Environment
            Against: It’s a basic need.

            Publieke Omroep (public broadcast corporation):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The public broadcast corporation has to get less money.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Arguments range a lot here. There’s left-wing parties in favor because of big salaries in public broadcast. There’s right-wing parties in favor because they think the public broadcast is left-leaning. There’s left-wing and right-wing parties against it because the public broadcast battles fake news disinformation.

            Zorgfonds (care fund):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Instead of commercial health insurers, there has to be a national care fund for everyone.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: The current system is akin to Obamacare. There are commercial insurers, and everyone is obligated to be insured somewhere. The basic packages are government regulated and have to include a set of things and have a set maximum price. This statement is saying we should go the NHS route.

            Gezichtsbeddekende kleding (Face-covering clothing):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The government has to retract the current ban on face-covering cloting.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: face-covering clothing is anything from a burka or niqab to a balaclava.
            Proponets of the statement think the ban is racist against Muslims.
            Opponents of the statement range from ‘we live in an open society’ to ‘face-covering clothing is misogynistic’ (of course you’re also gonna get some Islamophobes here)

            Volkshuisvesting (Public housing):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Instead of provinces and municipalities, the national government has to decide where new housess will be build.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Currently the provinces decide where houses are built and the municipalities decide how many houses get build.
            Arguments here are that national government would be more efficient and quicker, but provincial and municipal government obviously know their region better and can take local opinions into consideration.

            Btw op kunst en cultuur (VAT on arts and culture)
            Spoiler Alert!
            the VAT-rate on arts and culture has to be lowered to 5%.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Currently it’s 9%. There are 3 VAT rates in the Netherlands. 5%, 9% and 21%. 5% is for basic needs: food, water, public transport. Proponents think it’s important. Opponents don’t think it’s a basic need where the rate has to be lowered 4%.

            Kerncentrale (Nuclear power plant):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The Netherlands has to build a new nuclear power plant.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Think we all know what it means and what the risks and benefits are.
            Pro: OMG so Green.
            Contra: OMG so Chernobyl.

            Woningen op landbouwgrond (Houses on farming land):
            Spoiler Alert!
            New houses have to be built on land currently used for farming.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: There is a housing crisis. We need more houses. Should be sacrifice farming land? Proponents say we have way too much farming land. We’re the 2nd largest agricultural exporter in the world after the U.S. Opponents say that’s precisely why agriculture is so important to the economy, and a lot of farming land is considered a nature reserve.

            Belastingvoordeel huishoudens (Tax benefit for households):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Households with two partners, of which 1 works, should get the same amount of tax benefits as households where both partners work.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Proponents say it’s fairer that way.
            Opponents say it isn’t.

            Excuses slavenhandel (Apologies slave trade):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The Dutch government has to apologize for the slave trade in the past.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Proponents say it’s the right thing to do.
            Opponents say it has nothing to do with present day Netherlands and it’s useless.

            Correctief referendum (corrective referendum):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Citizens should have the possibility to block laws accepted by the government in the form of a referendum.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Proponents: Power to the people
            Opponents: Referendums don’t work and are stupid.

            Inkomen leraren (Salary teachers):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Teachers at elementary schools should make the same as teachers in middle/high schools.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: they don’t.
            Proponents think they should. Opponents think middle/high school teachers require more skill and education and therefore should receive more.

            Gevangenisstraffen (Prison sentences):
            Spoiler Alert!
            There should be less possibilities to punish in the form of community service instead of prison sentences.
            Spoiler Alert!

            So disagree means: Community service is good. Lower sentencing.
            Agree means the opposite: Harsher sentencing.

            Vliegbelasting (Aviation tax):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The Netherlands has to introduce an aviation tax for short flights.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Proponents: Environment. Flying is bad.
            Opponents: Flying becomes a thing for the rich.

            Inburgering op locatie (Integration on location):
            Spoiler Alert!
            Asylum seekers with a temporary grant first have to get integrated before they receive a rental home.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Proponents think this improves integration, it incentives them to integrate.
            Opponents think it does the opposite because it segregates them from society.

            Legalisering softdrugs (Legalisation softdrugs):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The purchasing and sale of softdrugs by coffeeshops has to be legal.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Softdrugs are any drug the government deems soft: weed, hash, truffles, mushrooms.
            Pro: drugs good
            Contra: drugs bad

            Nederlandstalig hoger onderwijs (Dutch-spoken higher education):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The government should make the Dutch language mandatory more often in universities and college.

            Spoiler Alert!
            Context: Okay, so this one is a bit complex.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Currently the government makes one big pot called 'university subsidies' and the way it's divided is according to the number of students a uni has.
            So Universities start competing with each other over acquiring students. Dutch students are a limited pool so every uni is massively switching to English studies to attract foreign students
            But it's at a cost of quality
            Small personal anecdote of mine when I was a freshman.
            I attended a lecture. Professor went: "oh, alright. Is anyone English? "Nobody raised their hands. "Okay, if no one is English then I can just do it in Dutch, makes it a lot more clear and easy for me." Suddenly one guy raises his hand: "The lecture is being recorded, there might be English people at home."
            So then the Dutch professor had to do an lecture in English in the a Dutch university in front of a 100% Dutch crowd in a subject he's much better at explaining in Dutch.
            Of course there are also parties who just vote 'agree' because they are all Dutch pride and shit. But the main issue is what I just explained.
            Then there’s opponents, their arguments are more straightforward. Dutch students speak English just fine and it’s inclusive. The fact that Dutch universities compete and massively try to attract foreign students is not seen as a problem. They argue that the drop in quality is either nonexistent or a necessary evil.

            Voltooid leven (Completed life):
            Spoiler Alert!
            People who think their life is complete, have to receive help in suicide.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Basically euthanasia/assisted suicide. Agree means that’s ok. Disagree means that’s not ok.

            Koppeling minimum loon en bijstand (Linking minimum wage and welfare benefits):
            Spoiler Alert!
            A raise in minimum wage should no longer automatically lead to a raise in welfare benefits.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Proponents want to make minimum wage more important to incentivize work.
            Opponents want them linked because they should both be based on a livable wage.

            Sociale huurwoning (social rental housing):
            Spoiler Alert!
            New neighborhoods have to be comprised of social rental housing for 40%.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Social rental housing are rental houses for low incomes. At the moment I think it’s at least 30%. Some parties want it raised. Others don’t

            Boerenbedrijven (farms):
            Spoiler Alert!
            There can be no further restrictions on the activities of farmers.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Farmers are bad for the environment and good for the economy

            Middenschool (Middle school):
            Spoiler Alert!
            There has to be a middle school, so students can make a choice between vmbo, havo and vwo at a later age.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: If you need a lot of context behind this one you can look up how the Dutch school system works yourself. But basically, after elementary school you make a test then go to a high school based on your how good of a student you are. Vmbo is for average and lower students. Havo is above average and prepares you for college. VWO is the highest and prepares you for uni. Some people think a middle school is necessary in between to get a proper idea on where students belong. Opponents point to the middle school experiment in the 70s which failed and that the current system is fine or even excels compared to other European nations.

            Vluchtelingen opnemen (take in refugees):
            Spoiler Alert!
            The Netherlands should take in more refugees that is does currently.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context is clear I think.

            Mondkapjesplicht (Mandatory face mask):
            Spoiler Alert!
            People should be able to decide themselves whether or not to wear a face mask.
            Spoiler Alert!

            Context: Corona. Opponents value face masks and safety. Proponents value freedom or argue they don’t work.

            Alright, when you’re done it should now ask you which of the statements you want to add extra value to. You can pick a couple important ones, or maybe a whole bunch, or perhaps none at all. Decide yourself.
            Next it tells you which parties you want to receive the results of. In the top left you can also click “alle partijen” (All parties) or “Zittende partijen” (currently seated parties).
            I recommend either clicking all parties just to see who’s at the top and bottom.
            Or clicking the seated parties and adding the relevant newcomers (BIJ1, JA21, Code Oranje, Volt) to see who you’d actually vote for had you been Dutch.

            Next there’s two “I agree” boxes. The first one sells you data to China, the second one sells your soul to Satan. Just click ‘em both.
            Now there’s gonna be a thing at the top probably where you can select two parties and answer some extra question to really narrow down your top result (just hit me up if you want to do that and want me to help, if you’re interested) but you can now just scroll down and see the results. My top 3 parties were D66, Volt and JONG. Big parties that followed close were 50PLUS, GroenLinks and PvdA.
            At the bottom I had DENK, PVV and Jezus Leeft. Big parties that followed were FvD, CU and SP.
            Have fun, share your results


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              Yeah I agree, this is pretty cool. This seems a lot more diverse than U.S. politics, that's for sure.


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                I like Geert Wilders


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                  Alright guys, quick update on how things are going:

                  So the official election day will be wednesay (March 17th), but people are already voting. elderly people (above 70) could vote by mail if they wanted to and those who desired to do so have done it already. There are also extra voting bureaus open today and tomorrow (monday and tuesday) to spread traffic, these two days are mostly meant for people who are considered COVID risk groups. Older people, overweight people, asthma patients, but in theory anyone can use. (You're just an asshole if you do so). Wednesday is still the main day everyone will vote, including myself. The question as to who will be the biggest party won't be interesting, it's pretty much guaranteed to be the VVD. The most interesting issue now however is whether the current coalition (VVD-CDA-D66-CU) will get enough seats to continue governing. At the moment polls have their combined seats between 70 and 80 seats. You need 76 seats to govern. Also preferably a coalition has 36 seats in the senate as well so they have a double majority and can do what they want, after the provincial and senate elections in 2019 the coalition only has 32 seats. So an extra party might very well have to join after the election, that or a completely new combination has to be made.

                  In general what's interesting about this campaign is the amount of "anti-campaigning" this is when parties are campaigning against their competitors instead of in favor of themselves. You see this in different forms. Most parties are going very hard against the VVD, they're the big evil party that needs to be defeated and this is also where most seats are considered to be "floating" (likely to change). But there's also other ways of doing this. GL for example are campaigning in favor of leftism as a whole. Their party posters contain the names of the D66, PvdA and SP leaders in them. They're very much campaigning for a leftist front against the current VVD-CDA-esque government.

                  Another interesting aspect of these elections are the fractured parties. 2 or 3 newcomers will be joining the elections. JA21 and Volt are pretty much guaranteed to be entering parliament, and BIJ1 has a big chance as well. And even besides those two, the other small parties are putting up more of a fight than usual, Code Orange occasionally shows up in a poll, and pollsters keep mentioning the interest being shown in NIDA, BBB, Splinter and LHK. Though they won't get a seat, those parties usually remain unmentioned by pollsters. In other years the numbers were as follows: 2017 saw 2 new parties of which 1 was unexpected, 2012 saw 1 new party, 2010 saw 0 new parties, 2006 saw the loss of a party.

                  This is the current state for parties:
                  VVD: VVD is dropping in the polls, at the start of 2020 they had a huge surge in popularity. They got a lot of media attention because of Corona. Constantly in the news, and the VVD are leading the country. Because of the harsh campaigning against them they are slowly losing favorability, they're still at a gain in most polls but 1 poll is gauging them at a -2 loss. We'll see how much that trend continues the last couple days. I don't think they're final number will be far removed from their current 33. 31-36 seats is the expectation.

                  CDA: CDA was doing well at first, they were getting more popular, a better alternative to the VVD, but their leader Hoekstra has been very weak in the media. He was seen breaking COVID rules, during a debate with GL it was Klaver who knew the numbers of the CDA party plan better than Hoekstra himself. Recently they've been dropping back from a gain. CDA should be happy if they hold on to the 19 seats. Expectations right now are around 17 seats.

                  PVV: Always hard to poll. Low class low educated voters mostly. Never really lose or gain support. They're dependent on how popular FvD are and how many voters bother to show up. Rain might literally cost them 2 seats, not even kidding. Expected to be around 20, but could easily sway down to 17 or up to 24. As to how Wilders has been doing? Same old, same old. Provocative, attacking the VVD, keeps focus on Muslims. Does what he needs to do.

                  D66: D66 started off with a big loss as always when they govern. They call it the D66-'curse' but honestly they have themselves to thank for it. They've accomplished fuck all in 4 years of government. The new leaders seems to be getting more popular though. Helps that she's the part of the biggest party with a female leader. Also helps that they've focused their campaign on defeated the right. VVD, CDA and PVV are often victims of their propaganda. Also helps that the other left wing parties have been very weak.

                  GL: They've been pretty weak. Klaver keeps getting caught lying and telling these fake childhood stories. People find him unbelievable. Also their campaigning for a left block instead of their own party isn't helping. Think they're get around 10 seats. A significant loss.

                  SP: Starting to get more popular, right before the election there was a lot of controversy with communists being removed from the party and they stopped funding their youth organisation because of radicalisation. The party leader Marijnissen does seem to be getting back on track though, she's popular, strong in debates. 10-11 seats I'm thinking. Not as big a loss as initially projected.

                  PvdA: Expected a lot more from PvdA. Ploumen has been very weak in the campaigns. PvdA has a large potential, they had 38 seats in 2012. They fucked up in the coalition, went down to 9 in 2017, but this was their year to get back on track. Heck, they were the largest party in the European elections, but they couldn't pull that through to these national elections. 12 seats or so expected. Disappointing even though it's a win compared to 2017.

                  CU: Started off strong because of a strong governmental period, a lot of accomplishments with few seats past 4 years. Expected at 7 seats initially, but they've been very invisible this campaign. Don't know why. They're at 6 seats in every poll know, Don't think they're remaining at 5, but also don't think 7 is realistic anymore.

                  PvdD: Pretty weak campaign to be honest. Their slogan is "Plan B" but it's on the posters so big that I've literally heard people say they though the party name was "Plan B." Too invisible even though they had potential. 5 or 6 seats projected.

                  50+: Going down hard. Everyone is kinda coming to terms with the fact that 65 year pension age is unrealistic. Even the party leader is now saying that 67 is their goal, which the nr. 3 of the party disagrees with by the way. More internal struggles. Bad campaign, weak leader. 1 or 2 seats.

                  SGP: Always the same bible belt voters. Nothing special. 3 seats as always.

                  DENK: Always hard to poll. Azarkan has been pretty good in the media, but DENK has to get their votes from minorities, and they have a new party to vote for: NIDA. How popular this party is exactly is hard to tell, because again, hard to poll. Could be no problem and DENK remains at 3 seats, could lose a seat to NIDA, could also lose a seat purely to spoiler effect and not even give it to NIDA. And just like the PVV, most voters are low class and low educated. Turnout rates heavily affect votes.

                  FvD: Hard to believe these guys won the elections in 2019 for the senate and provinces and are now back down again. Had a potential of 28 seats, but right now looks like 6 or 7 is their absolute max. They got a little more popular last week because a talkshow let an untalented comedian to an awful piece on them, FvD capialised on that hate. But yeah, two years ago their goal was to win the election, and that goal was realistic. Now that goals seems laughable. 5 seats I'm thinking.

                  JA21: Real interesting these days. They're at 2 or 3 seats expected right now. But what's more interesting are the 8 seats they have in the senate. After FvD exploded in 2020 because of antisemitism controversies, Joost Eerdmans created this party and took 8 of the 12 senators with him to JA21. Say JA21 gets 3 seats and coalition ends up just short of that 76, a collaboration with JA21 because extremely appealing because of the massive senate seats. They seem to be the first sensible party on the right since LPF. Very interesting how they will fair in coalition talks.

                  Volt: Gotten a lot more popular in recent weeks. Especially after that started to reach seats in polls. A lot of people at first didn't want to vote Volt because they were afraid they were throwing their vote away. However, that's not a reason anymore since they've reached a seat in every poll. They're gaining rapidly now. I'm thinking 2 seats, but honestly, 4 doesn't impossible at the moment.

                  BIJ1: Hard to tell. Half the pollers are saying 1 seat, the other half is saying no seats. Gonna be 50/50 for them. Been invisible in the campaigns in my opinion. It's mostly the left wing on the Internet vouching for them. No surprise there as they're the most left-wing party competing in the elections this year. Tough to say, but I'm thinking they will reach that 1 seat.

                  CO: Opposite story of Volt, seemed promising at first, but as the elections approach more people seem to be thinking twice about it, their seat is very unsure, people leave, their seat becomes more unsure, more people leave, vicious circle. Don't think they're gonna make it. A lot of their support is going to JA21.

                  JONG: Been invisible, cringey propaganda which is odd cause these guys are supposed to be young. No seats for sure.

                  LHK: Semi-popular at first but support is dwindling, been too invisible in the campaigns, think they only function as a spoiler effect for 50+ now.

                  BBB: These guys are a farmers party, so they're hard to poll. Also dependant on turnout rates. Nobody is expecting them at a seat but you never know.
                  EDIT: Newest poll puts them at a seat, so indeed you never know.

                  NIDA: Another super small party, nobody is polling them at a seat, but again they're hard to poll as minorities like them. Might poach a seat from DENK, but probably not.

                  Splinter: Potential at first, but been super invisible since then, pretty much guaranteed at 0 seats right now.

                  LP: I was wrong about them. They're not an anarcho-capitalist party anymore, they've come to their senses, and honestly a very decent party. Too little, too late, 0 seats.

                  All other parties: Super invisible. Bad campaigns, not a chance.
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                    Here are the current results. 346 out of 356 municipalities have been fully counted. I don't think they'll change a lot:
                    Party Full English Name Ideology Percentage Seats Seats 2017 Difference
                    VVD People's Party for Freedom and Democracy Classic Liberalism 21,9% 35 33 +2
                    D66 Democrats '66 Social Liberalism 14,9% 23 19 +4
                    PVV Party for Freedom Anti-Immigration Populism 10,8% 17 20 -3
                    CDA Christian Democratic Appeal Christian Democracy 9,6% 15 19 -4
                    SP Socialist Party Socialism 6,0% 9 14 -5
                    PvdA Labour Party Social Democracy 5,7% 9 9 =
                    FvD Forum for Democracy Nationalism 5,0% 8 2 +6
                    GL GreenLeft Green 5,0% 8 14 -6
                    PvdD Party for the Animals Animal Rights/Green 3,8% 6 5 +1
                    CU ChristianUnion Social Conservatism 3,4% 5 5 =
                    JA21 The Right Answer '21 Conservative Liberalism 2,4% 3 0 +3
                    Volt Volt Netherlands Eurofederalism 2,4% 3 0 +3
                    SGP Reformed Political Party Christian Right 2,1% 3 3 =
                    DENK THINK Turkish/Moroccan Minority Interests 2,0% 3 3 =
                    BBB FarmerCitizenMovement Farmers' Interests 1,0% 1 0 +1
                    50+ 50PLUS Pensioners' Interests 1,0% 1 4 -3
                    BIJ1 Together Anti-Capitalism/Minority Rights 0,8% 1 0 +1
                    CO Code Orange Direct Democracy 0,4% 0 0 =
                    S Splinter Social Liberalism 0,3% 0 0 =
                    NIDA NIDA Islamic Democracy 0,3% 0 0 =
                    PP Pirate Party Pirate Politics 0,2% 0 0 =
                    JONG YOUNG Youth Interests 0,1% 0 0 =
                    ToNL Proud of the Netherlands Conservatism 0,1% 0 0 =
                    LHK List Henk Krol Centrism 0,1% 0 0 =
                    NLB NLBetter Health Care Reform 0,1% 0 0 =
                    Blank Blank list of candidates Corona Scepticism 0,1% 0 0 =
                    OR Sincerely Conservative Nationalism 0,1% 0 0 =
                    LP Libertarian Party Libertarianism 0,1% 0 0 =
                    JL Jesus Lives Evangelicalism 0,0% 0 0 =
                    DFP The Party Party Apoliticism/Satire 0,0% 0 0 =
                    UBCF U-Buntu Connected Front Ubuntuism 0,0% 0 0 =
                    VSN Free and Social Netherlands Corona Scepticism/Populism 0,0% 0 0 =
                    PvdE Party for Unity Islamism 0,0% 0 0 =
                    WZNL We Are the Netherlands Fascism 0,0% 0 0 =
                    PvdR Party for the Republic Anti-Monarchism 0,0% 0 0 =
                    MNL Modern Netherlands e-Democracy 0,0% 0 0 =
                    DG The Greens Green 0,0% 0 0 =
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