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Moderation and Maintenance

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  • Moderation and Maintenance

    Did the forum finally die out? I hardly see any efforts on either side of things of the title I wrote of this thread.

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    I find it increasingly difficult to see how we can recover from the series of unfortunate events that unfolded last year. Tapatalk/Zetaboards managed to kill the entire structure and the move to vB proved to be more difficult, in hindsight, in terms of keeping activity. That coupled with people growing up with more responsibility towards their personal life and possibly the activity shifting more towards Discord seems to have been a fatal blow to the forum.

    I'll still try to do my best to keep activity up on my end, I hope you all do the same.


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      Its sad to see a way of communication of our favorite Animes decline.

      Lets have a moment.


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        It does in fact suck. I've said this to a couple of people, but right before Zetaboards went to Tapatalk, I was ready to fully come back. However, I truly hated the Tapatalk format, so I just sat back until I saw what was going to be done about it. Then when this forum was made, I was really happy about it, but then the activity was pretty much dead before it started. This is really sad because I love DBZF, a lot of people know me and know it's been a long but very interesting journey for me. This very forum is what really helped me learn what the Manga was, how to properly debate, how to better explain what I'm saying, and even the difference between flaming and being a serious debater.

        I know most of the staff here, and I have a great amount of appreciation and respect for them all, they've been just as responsible for my progress as anyone else. I really hope things pick up around here because it would be a shame if this forum dies out, in some ways this was MFGF 2.0. A lot of people from there ended up here, I know they're also on other forums, but the fact is they still ended up here too.
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          This forum is ancient, dating back to 2004. I busted my ass to try to get the Tapatalk format to work. However, as soon as I heard about the company merger going on in early 2018... I knew it was a death sentence. I didn't think it would be as laughably bad as it was, but, it was. Even when we held a poll to see who wanted us to move and if they'd come with us, it was overwhelmingly supported that we move off of Tapatalk. Despite nobody seemingly having any issues with this new place, the amount of people that voted for us to move AND actually moved with us to this new platform were really disproportionate. Right in the beginning, it felt like most of the people that voted for us to move didn't really join up on the new forum here. Or even try to make it work. I was so fatigued from trying to make Tapatalk work after just having re-learned the ins and outs of Zetaboards that learning a third ACP in the span of something like nine months was exhausting for me. I haven't really been around and to be honest, it has been really fucking hard on me to see this place go down. Yet, I haven't really had any clue on what to do about it. We have no influx of new members and Reddit has basically taken over the traditional forum platform.

          DBZF is ancient and massive. On the archived board, it truly was a leviathan in its heyday. DBZF's fall into obscurity has really hit me hard and I've found it hard to log in here for awhile. I'm sorry guys, I don't know what else to say other than it has been difficult. I'll still be around and on the Discord server for sure. But yeah, the forum really poorly transitioned from Tapatalk to DBZF. In hindsight, I shouldn't have listened to the feedback and just kept us on Tapatalk. Tried to make it work. The move killed us more than Tapatalk did. People didn't like the dramatic change - which we had no say in - but, well, perhaps we could have made it work.
          Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



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            It is really sad...

            The forum helped me through some really deep shit between 2014 till 2016. It was an active community with great moderators. I do miss those days. Pre tapatalk crap.

            I mean if it werent the merge we d still rock hard as before.

            Neci.. U cant blame only the merge though. Series of unfortunate events have led to this. The increasing popularity of reddit and co. It is not like ppl dont like old fashioned forums... but their time is up... sadly.

            The discussions we ve had here throughout the years, could easily dwarf that pathetic community which is supposed to be the leading community for dragon ball on reddit for instance.

            I miss you guys, if it were a way to revive the old board. ... I am willing to pay serious money for that to happen


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              Originally posted by Pointer View Post
              It is really sad...
              I miss you guys, if it were a way to revive the old board. ... I am willing to pay serious money for that to happen
              I miss talking with you and other old members that used to be around aswell. If we were to revive the old forum in the ways of Zetaboards we'd have to get someone who is very well-versed in creating forums and the semantics behind it. It's unfortunately an endeavour that will see very little interest since most people use mobile and tablets nowadays, so I don't see any realistic way of achieving this with any kind of active success. I want to hunker down here on vB and try to customize this forum in a way that sees us getting closer to what it used to be, but there's been very little interest in doing so.