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  • Ask Darker

    You might as well do it, ya know?

  • #2
    Yeah, mine as well huh...

    How have you been?
    Do you celebrate Christmas?
    If so, what will you be doing?


    • #3
      I've been okay, could be better but could be worse

      I don't, but I'll probably spend time with my family anyway, since it's something nice to do


      • #4
        I know how that is, but yeah it's nice to be with family.

        What holidays do you celebrate?
        What Anime have you watched recently?
        What movie are you looking forward to next year?


        • #5
          Which ones I celebrate or which ones we celebrate?

          I haven't watched any anime as of late

          And unless I'm forgetting something I'm not looking forward to anything next year, besides this one fanmade animated Sonic movie


          • #6
            I'll go with both.


            • #7
              I don't really celebrate any, I haven't since I was a young lad.

              We celebrate lots of stuff ourselves, too many to count and I don't remember any of them, but they include lots of fireworks so I'm not exactly a big fan of them since I hate noise. My dog Luna agrees.


              • #8
                I know how that is, I have really keen hearing so I stay away from them.

                Do you have anything similar to New Years?


                • #9
                  We call it Nochevieja here


                  • #10
                    That's interesting, and I like how that sounds.

                    Favorite video game?
                    Favorite movie?
                    Favorite thing to do in your spare time?


                    • #11
                      Favorite video game? I'm not big enough on games to have a favourite. Tetris is the one I play the most, though.

                      Favorite movie? Same, I don't have a favourite, despite being big on movies. I'll just say "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" and leave it at that.

                      Favorite thing to do in your spare time? Draw, I'm an artist after all :P


                      • #12
                        That's true, even though ?I haven't seen your work in a while.

                        What's your favorite thing to draw?


                        • #13
                          Creatures of any kind, be it something real like an animal or ficticious like a dragon


                          • #14
                            At some point I'll be attempting to draw a dragon lol. I'm hoping with this new fantasy world I'm creating that it'll improve my drawing.

                            What's something you don't like to draw and won't draw?


                            • #15
                              Women, their bodies have always been hard to figure out for me

                              Must be the reason why I can't get a woman to do anything besides befriend me lol