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Do you believe people can change?

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  • Do you believe people can change?

    Many years ago, I was perma banned from this forum, because I was rude, condoned physical bullying and told a mod to kiss my butt. I have changed over the years and I regret everything. I apologize. If you believe people can change, please accept me back.

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    I agree. You guys should let Withheldforprivacy post on VBulletin DBZF. You let me back, and I made dozens of duplicate accounts with offensive usernames, although some of them were thought up and encouraged by Kenshi.


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      It seems the only reason I was allowed back was that the old mods are gone. Which defeats the purpose. I wanted to see whether there is someone in this world who believes in me, who believes that I can change, that I deserve a second chance. But it seems no one believes that. I'm disappointed. I have no reason to stay here.


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        It should be that people can be accepted for having changed for the better, but lots of people don't like the idea of someone that did them wrong being happy. Keep on trucking, and hey, if they don't, then make your own forum or website and make it 10x better than they ever could. Use the energy to style on your haters.