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  • Welcome to your new home


    We are still getting things sorted here, if you notice something strange post it here, and it shall be investigated. There are also things that still need to come over, like emoticons, and the domain, but these will all come in time. If you have any suggestions as well, please let me know, I'll do my best to look into them and implement them! Slowly, but surly, we will make this place a home, and there's more room to expand here, than on Tapatalk.

    Thank you, and enjoy your stay,
    DBZF Admin Team

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    Thank you so much Rena you've been awesome, as are all of you who continue to use DBZF!

    Welcome to the new board and thank you for keeping it active <3 this is all thanks to you guys, cheers.
    Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



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      I like the new home. Its snazzy.
      thanks for the hard work moving the forum guys


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        Yes, thank you all for all your hard work, you all have busted your asses just so we can have something better, I wish I was in a better situation, because you all deserve much more than a thank you.

        I really enjoy the new look, it's close enough to the older DBZF not to piss off the ones that's been here for years, but changed in all the right ways. My browser also thanks you, both of them, because it was such a pain in the ass to type anything before, now I can type three times faster.


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          Agreed, the site looks pretty great

          "Who else is in here?"
          "Just us, monsters."


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            It was said by the Admins that the old forum would be accessible but only as read only site. Anyone know if this changed and can I get a link towards it?
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              It's at the bottom. The link that says "archived forum".
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