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Tim's Resignation

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  • Tim's Resignation

    Tim has decided it's time to step down as Administrator. He has been Admin for almost ten years and I would like to thank him for his time dedicated to making this forum as glorious as it once was and a good friend for so long. I miss you buddy and this place will always be your home.

    Thank you

    Sam <3
    Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!


  • #2
    I haven't been around for all those ten years but from what I've heard he was a great admin.

    Long live the Tim!


    • #3
      Thanks so much Sam. This place will always have a special spot for me but I sadly don’t have the time I used to.

      Its been an amazing era and and I’ve seen so much change and growth and this community develop so much.

      Love you all xx



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        Damn, it hasn't been all those years for me but Tim was always a constant, I hope you still stick around dude!


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          Dang, hope life is treatin' ya will Tim, you did well in my experience!

          And yeah, hopin' that you stick around when you're able to come.

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            Thank you for all of your past hard work for DBZF! We're going to miss you a bunch man. Enjoy life!


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              Enjoy your retirement Tim. And hopefully this will give you some extra time to just be a member again and simply enjoy yourself on the site!
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                Thanks for everything you've done for DBZF! I remember you first making Admin, feels like an age ago now.


                • #9
                  Can I be an admin now that there's a vacancy?


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                    I'm fairly late to this but just wanted to pop in and wish you the best Tim. You've been a great admin and I hope you the best of luck in all your future endeavours. I hope I can see you posting around here every now and then, that is if I can even manage to come on here every now and then....


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                      Good luck in your future endeavors.


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                        Good luck Tim. You were always one of the kindest people on here and a sensible voice on a forum of slight wackos.

                        (aka TrunksinSwimmingTrunks aka daman)

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                          Tim I wish you the best in whatever you do after DBZF, We never talked a whole lot, but we did get along and were always cool with each other.


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                            Timothy; what a guy! I haven't been on consistently for some time, and I can appreciate catching this thread while its relevant (relatively). We appreciate your service, Tim.


                            • #15
                              I just came to say Thank You for everything. Like Wolf said you were always one of the good & kewlest ppl around. Good times.

                              I hope you'll prosper in life. Can I talk to you via PM as-well?