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Change of Ownership

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  • Change of Ownership


    As you might have noticed, I haven't really been around DBZF in a long time, and this place really deserves better.

    Cal has kindly offered to take on this task, and take on all the hosting, Sam will also be staying on with the community, I however will be moving on to the retirement home. I have made many good friends here, and had many good times, I hope you have enjoyed the times that I have run DBZF!

    I wish Cal, and Sam all the best for the future, and extend this to the rest of the community, I will try to stop by every so often as well.


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    Have a wonderful life, Rogue. It feels like a lot knowing that both you and Tim are now retired on VBulletin DBZF.

    Cal was going to be an Admin on Frankie Shinden, so I trust that he'll do a good job here as an Admin.


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      End of an era really. Nothing more I can say than that you've done an amazing job over the years and helped create a community that brought a lot of people together through good times and bad.

      All the best to Cal and Sam for the future - I've always gotten on well with them both and know that this place is in good hands.


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        I know I haven't been around as much anymore, but I enjoyed having you around and this makes me sad...

        This truly is the end of an amazing era, I always enjoyed talking to you, even if I didn't show it. You always helped push me to be better, and I have nothing but respect for you.


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          Just saw this and damn time flies. We go way back, Rena, to 2005 when you were just starting out an admin. I was just 10 when I first joined the original Invisionfree forum with Sam and now I'm turning 27 lol. I haven't been active too much either but thanks for all of yall who have stuck around and kept it alive somewhat. Bless up


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            rogue u've been there since 2004 i think. i'm going to miss ye & i think i rly mean that. a real legend on this forum. u've done all this work here i think. unbelievable. i haven't even been on forums that long but even i can say, meng, time rly does fly. i wish u all the best & hope all ur ambitions/dreams come true.

            & i say that again jst because it's so true, i think:

            time DOES fly
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              Although i "know" you since 2013 I thank you for your fairness and utmost decency what you gave us during these years... I wish you a wonderful Life Rogue


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                A much belated farewell Rogue! These were some fun times indeed. Hope all is well with y'all.


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                  Damn really is a end of a era. I still wish you could've kept the zetaboards dbzf but I understand it wasn't entirely your choice. Well wishes on retirement Rogue.
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                    Sasuke If you didn't know, the old forum is linked at the bottom of this forum. "Archived forum". There's also a link to join the Discord server at the top, where people casually chat sometimes (bit like IRC or MSN).

                    edit: might as well say here thanks Ragu, for running one of the best forums out there. I mostly thought you were pretty cool and a good person when you were around. Good luck.
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                      Thanks for everything you've done for the place over the years Rogue!


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                        I don't really visit the forum anymore but I noticed this announcement and felt I should log in to pass on my well wishes.

                        Whilst I knew the admin team had changed since my active days, I knew you were still a part of that team Rogue. It's certainly a sad day (albeit a bit delayed in my case) to know that after all these years you're retiring. You've been an admin the entire time I've been a part of this community. I signed up when I was 14 so that's almost 15 years. I'm very grateful for the opportunities that you and the other admins gave me to be part of the staff team here and I have the utmost respect for you and everything you've done for us during your time as admin.

                        I very much hope that you are doing well, that you'll drop by sometimes and wish you all the best for the future, whatever that has in store for you.


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                          I understand I’m very late to all this but I can’t help but just feel a bit sad and longing when I read posts like this - truly an end of an era. Your leadership of this forum and subsequently, this forum itself, was a big part of my growing years and I will never forget a lot of the memories I’ve made here.

                          I truly wish you the best in the future and I hope you stop
                          by every now and then for a bit of nostalgia and a little chat. Shit man, time flies...