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    Either the Nintendo 64 or the Nintendo Gamecube, depending on my mood.

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    I've started playing Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai on PSP, when I was a child. The game was released in 2006, but when I got it, it was 2009 or something like that, and I was in school. I've managed somehow to install it via USB on my PSP, I wasn't too good at computers, but somehow I've managed to do it. Quite impressive at the time. So I'll go with PSP. To be honest lately I've found out about apps that you can win money, I was surprised how well it works. I've played 2 days of Brain Battle and managed to win some easy money. Definitely recommend it.
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      Yeah, the PSP was a great competitor to Nintendo's handheld systems. Too bad the PS Vita flopped even harder than the Wii U... LOL.