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Bad games you enjoy

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  • Bad games you enjoy

    I've been playing a Sega game called Sword of Vermilion. It's very bad but I love it.

    All the dungeons and towns look the same, the combat animation looks like you are waving a bright blue vibrator at the monsters, the boss fights are incredibly easy, it has random battles galore, I once reached the end of a dungeon only to find I needed to speak to an npc back in town first to trigger the dungeon's reward, In fact that happened again today in a different part of the game. And make sure to buy a lantern for each of the first five dungeons because every single one is pitch black.

    There are some positives about the game. The dungeons are all very small, mostly consisting of two maze like floors. So you won't spend hours trying to find your way. Plus every floor has a map hidden somewhere on it that lays out the floor you're on perfectly. It's only the constant random encounters that make it hard, especially the monsters who can poison you. Oh and fuck the wizards early on in the game. Those guys are assholes. I like the way the game hides decent treasure around the game world. You don't just have to buy all the most expensive items in the weapon shop. A lot of the best stuff is hidden in dungeons or gained as part of an obscure task. So that's cool. Overall I believe it's the way you progress to a new area of the game and get rewarded with better equipment that I find very satisfying about it. Especially when you find hidden treasure.

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    Several game wannabes or unofficial sequels like Pac-Xon. I think that one's official anyway. It's pretty bad, though.

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