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  • Best Pokemon

    What do you think are the best Pokemon overall?

    I always highly rate Mewtwo and Ho-Oh. Mew seems to be very robust as well. Deoxys seems to be a bit of a powerhouse stats wise. I quite like Palkia but its move pool doesn't have a lot of PP. And I hardly ever go without a Raichu in my party.

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    Isn't Mewtwo meant to be the best in the game? Or at least they were. I don't know how things are nowadays, but I would jump to say Mewtwo is still the best.


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      If you give him earthquake or a strong bug attack then yes he's right up there. Without those he is useless against dark types.

      One Pokemon I was really disappointed by was Arceus. He is meant to be the God of Pokemon so I assumed he'd have a lot more about him. Instead he's pretty much just a collector's item.


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        Legendaries have a tendency to be the best in many aspects.


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          But they can also be utter trash.


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            Arcanine is the best pokemon, that's my personal opinion. He might not have the highest potential, but he's definitely the coolest looking pokemon.

            For who has the highest potential we need to separate pokemon into different stats.

            Officially these are the numbers, but they include Mega evolutions, which I do not like since not every pokemon have a mega evolution.

            Highest HP Stat: Blissey at Base 255.
            Highest Attack Stat: Mega-Mewtwo-X at Base 190.
            Highest Defense Stat: Mega-Aggron, Mega-Steelix, and Shuckle at Base 230.
            Highest Special Attack Stat: Mega-Mewtwo-Y at Base 194.
            Highest Special Defense Stat: Shuckle at Base 230.
            Highest Speed Stat: Deoxys-Speed form at Base 180.

            Mewtwo is always gonna be one of the strongest pokemon, just like Snorlax always will be one of the best defensive pokemon.