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Overrated Pokemon

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  • Overrated Pokemon

    What Pokemon do you think are overrated?

    I think Gyarados is. It looks like this big scary sea monster but it actually has a very limted move set. I say if you want a dragon or water type then there are better options out there.

    Ratticate. Only thing it has of any use in battle is hyper fang. Other than that it's not great and actually requires more time to level up compared to some other pokemon.

    Snorlax. It has a lot of health. That's it. I've only found it useful in that it uses up opponent's PP trying to defeat it. As an offensive type it's pretty middle of the road.

    What do you think?

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    Do people actually like or use Ratticate? I didn't know that.


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      My brother always thought it was the shit.


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        Well there's Charizard who mostly gets good reputation from geewunners... I don't quite get the hype about Greninja... Or Eevee, other than for its many evolutions...

        Pikachu would be too obvious, wouldn't it?

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          I don't know what a geewunner is but yes I think Charizard is a bit overrated. Doesn't learn a decent fire attack for way too long. So for most of the game he only has normal moves, is classed as flying but can't lean fly but is still weak to electric. Use Arcanine instead.

          Eevee by itself is of course trash. I don't know why anyone wouldn't evolve it. Same for Pikachu. The jump in quality when you get a Raichu is instantly noticable. Always an endgame pokemon for me.

          Also I've learned my lesson about levelling Nidoking just because I thought it looked cool. Not recommended.