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Games you definitely want to buy soon

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    Nier: Automata (and Replicant first maybe) and FFVII Remake are two I definitely want to get as well. Persona 5 is another. Whether I'll end up playing Persona 5 or FVII Remake first I'm not sure. Most likely one of those will be the next guy I buy though, unless any of the games the Dangranronpa creator has worked (Tribe Nine and World's End Club) on come out on a platform I've got first and look good - then it could be one of those, depending on the price.

    (aka TrunksinSwimmingTrunks aka daman)

    “Planets are just places for people to stand on. Planets are just rocks. It takes people to make it a world. You can have as many “Earths” as you want. I only care about what’s inside.” – Sakamoto Tatsuma

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      I'm also thinking of buying a bunch of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games once I get the money.