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Phantasy Star Online server

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  • Phantasy Star Online server

    For anyone not old enough to remember, the Sega Dreamcast once hosted one of the world's first MMO's. Phantasy Star Online. It was briefly resurrected for the Gamecube but a few years ago those servers shut down. Now some fans have resurrected the game. It's free to play and it's better than ever. Although due to its age the user interface isn't that user friendly. None the less it still looks fantastic even for a 20 year old game. If anyone wants to play then the link is below. Note, Windows Defender may tell you there is a trojan. Rest assured this is a false flag. People have been playing on this server for years and never had any issues with viruses.


    It's a little blocky and the camera isn't great but hey, it's free

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    Oh shit! I remember playing this on my Gamecube as a Teenager. This game was sick! I'll check this out sometime.
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      I can't believe it's been 20 years since then. I remember being so addicted to this game and, of course, I would love to play it again. Even though it's so old, I have a lot of memories related to this game, so I think I'll have a déjà vu. Moreover, now I have a dedicated server from gthost.com, so this will make my experience even better. Thanks for informing about the trojan, I certainly would have thought it was true and not continue to the game. I will share my thoughts after I try it, but I'm sure I'll have only good things to say.
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