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    Finally updated my Switch since December. Updating Smash rn and about to check out Piranha Plant.

    Interesting that Videl has an alt outfit in FighterZ. I really hope that means we'll be getting alt outfits for all characters. Tbh, I don't feel much like buying the second Season Pass. Maybe I'll convince my friend to buy it for me since he really wants Jiren.


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      Unlocked Tofu on Resident Evil 2. I think that's pretty much it for this game now. Too lazy to try and get all the trophies and I really don't want to play Claire's campaign again.


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        Wait what that was in the original game, I had no fucking clue lol

        Still enjoying Shadow of Chernobyl, at least when it's not changing the difficulty to Master at random that is.

        That makes me remember how much I want more games with adaptive difficulty, it'd be awesome if a good system for that could be worked out. Always find most games are way too easy but then the hardest settings are just annoying.
        It'd be cool if say you were a pro at getting headshots the enemy would learn to take cover more or do it better.

        Still haven't went back to Red Dead Redemption 2.
        I honestly just might not. Unless they do release a single player expansion which sounds like it isn't happening I can't be bothered finishing the prologue. Hugely disappointed in that game.
        BUt tHe GraPHiCs ThO!!"!1112!1


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          Yeah Tofu was in the original. You had to beat both Leon and Claire's A and B campaigns. This one you only need to beat Hunk's scenario.

          Anyway I'm sick of that game now and I'm back into Dragon Quest 11. Only 36 hours played so far.


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            Looks like Dio got confirmed the other day for Jump Force


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              Originally posted by Greeny View Post
              Looks like Dio got confirmed the other day for Jump Force
              Yeah I seen that, baller.

              Think that's my next game purchase.
              Though my PS+ run out today and I kind of want Hitman...decisions. I'll leave it until later in the month, maybe I'll get a discount.

              I hope Jump Force has a good online mode where it properly balances who you play against, it's annoying trying to play online and 99% of the people you get matched with are crazy Asians who do perfect, endless combos or generally tryhardy people who just play non stop. I want some casual battles with average players.
              Though it is always satisfying making your favourite characters fight each other.

              That reminds me, keep seeing articles for characters confirmed for Mortal Kombat and they're pretty funny, like ones for confirming Raiden.
              Like no shit, Raiden, one of the original and main characters is in it? That definitely needs an article and I definitely need to click on it.


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                Shaggy for Mortal Combat


                • #83
                  We can't award meme culture by putting characters who do not belong there in fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Super Smash.


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                    Kenshiro should be in it, I'd definitely buy it if he was. Kenshiro and Guts.
                    I mean, is Guts' name not just perfect for it alone?

                    So I completed Shadow of Chernobyl...what a terrible ending to a game...
                    I almost decided not to do it because it gets super buggy. Basically you infiltrate the power plant at Chernobyl where shit hit the fan and it's just a bunch of corridors with high level enemies in high tech armour with the strongest weapons in the game.
                    Not too hard overall.
                    But the fantastic bugs include respawning enemies when you reload a save, meaning if you slogged your way through one part and dropped a quicksave, if you die and reload there can be a dude right next to or above you which is pretty much instant death because up close they virtually never miss.

                    That and they sometimes gained the power to shoot through walls which was fun.

                    I succeeded though, overall the game was worth playing but wow I see why people suggested just reading up on it lol, I might just wait for Stalker 2 instead of playing the others...we'll see.


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                      Originally posted by Emmeth View Post
                      We can't award meme culture by putting characters who do not belong there in fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Super Smash.
                      To be fair, Peach and Daisy are in Smash Bros, along with Villager and Isabella, none of whom really get into anything resembling fighting, the latter two are from animal crossing. Ideally though they wouldn't actually play into the Shaggy meme, probably instead playing some comedic relief who gets by entirely on 'luck' and fear and running away and such. Shaggy in an MK game probably wouldn't work, but in say, Smash Bros I'm perfectly sure you can come up with something based on his antics, though I guess it wouldn't be UI Shaggy then lol

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                        Should be finally done with Dragon Quest in a few days. I just have to level everyone to 99, collect all the recipe books, find all the mini medals, forge the best equipment in the game, possibly if I can be bothered kill every monster, complete all the quests and finish the main story of which I only have one place left to go I believe. So only another 10 + hours <_<


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                          Wow, might buy Jump Force now. My mom gave me a $50 GameStop giftcard with some candy. Bless her soul.


                          • #88
                            I'm still not sure when I'm getting it, might wait for a sale. It looks pretty good but has some mehness to it. I don't like how fast all the animations and attacks are.
                            Like when Goku does Kamehameha it's over in two seconds. Everything seems super fast paced compared to how you'd see it in the respective animes.
                            Hopefully the footage is just sped up to keep vids short and sweet or something.

                            Also God dammit why do they keep putting Boa Hancock as an OP character? She's literally not been relevant for many many years at this point and her fighting style is pretty boring.
                            How can you have Blackbeard and then her next to each other...
                            Even Nami would be cool to have or perhaps have her as a "Pokémon Trainer" style character where her moves have Usopp, Chopper and idk Brook join in, that would be cool. Animation work though I guess.

                            But yeah money is tight right now so I'm divided on that and waiting for DMC5.


                            • #89
                              If Jump Force has good reviews (once people have had a chance to properly play it), I might get it. Still gotta get DRV3 though and probs will wanna get Judge Eyes and Ace Attorney on PS4 when they come out (hopefully AA won't lose any gameplay elements due to not having two screens like on a DS).

                              Hancock has that DoA fan service style going and is maybe pretty popular? I'd much rather have Nami, unless someone else already has weather powers in the game. Even Robin could be made into a unique fighting game character. Hancock probably has interesting finishing moves at least.

                              i'm always surprised that Sakura doesn't get in from Naruto, although her style is pretty boring. Still, hard to think of many other WSJ female characters to put in.

                              It better have more than one Gintama character.

                              Did anyone here ever play that Shonen Jump game on DS, that was only in Japanese? I liked the story mode of that, where there were planets that were each home to a specific genre (e.g martial arts, action, comedy etc).
                              “Planets are just places for people to stand on. Planets are just rocks. It takes people to make it a world. You can have as many “Earths” as you want. I only care about what’s inside.” – Sakamoto Tatsuma

                              Kamikaze Pyro is a girl? olsiw


                              • #90
                                I don't think Gintoki is even confirmed for Jump Force, which is pretty dumb. They add quite a bit of characters to one series, but it seems to variety of series is a bit less than J-Stars Victory, which is concerning.