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  • Anyone here played Rimworld? I got it a couple of months ago and I'm already over 800 hours in it. Holy crap what a game, it's so hard to pull yourself away from, especially since it runs so well on even a potato PC.

    And then the mods, sweet Jesus the mods. I genuinely have like 100 or more and it works so well. The game almost works like a platform, you can basically turn it in to whatever you want there's even an Alien vs Predator mod which is admittedly a little buggy but still fun and hard as hell.

    Visually the game doesn't look like much but honestly that kinda helps me attach myself to the little stories that form in it even more.

    Currently I'm doing a run where my main Pawn is an Immortal from the Highlander Immortal mod. Which means that she comes back from death unless she loses her head and becomes more powerful when she kills X amount of immortals, up until being an Apex Immortal who heals wounds almost instantly. She and her Immortal Donkey must become Gods together.

    Really though it's an insane game with so many options. You can be a violent drug baron, you can run a prison colony, you can be a settlement of crazy cannibals, you can collect a growing number of user-made special polar bears with stupid designs and broken abilities or you can turn it in to a crazy hardcore survival game where you might have to sacrifice peoples limbs just for a day of food.

    It can basically be whatever you want and new mods come out all the time, there's even Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, Warhammer 40K and Elder Scrolls ones. Amazing.


    • I've been playing Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie lately. They both really hold up.


      • Speaking of Banjo Kazooie...

        Right... Like we really need a rerelease of a game that came out in 1998. I want to play Banjo Threeie on the Switch, darn it!
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        • Played through Halo Infinite. Badass


          • Originally posted by POOHEAD189 View Post
            Played through Halo Infinite. Badass
            I thought Halo was overrated back in the 2000s, but now that the hype around it has died down over the years, I can see how good the franchise/series actually is.