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  • Over the past two days I just spend 12 hours or more makinga challenge dungeon thing for my girlfriend in Minecraft. That's like the only time I've ever cared to make something in Creative.

    The final challenge was I basically made a big ass cube, prolly like 75x75x75 or more, filled it with water, pufferfish(that despawned grr) kelp, magma blocks and soulstone. Wish I figured out the commands to place stuff because daaaamn that took forever.

    At the end of it there was a fireworks show which worked perfectly.

    Pretty fun.

    In other news, still not sure what to make of this Greedfall game. It looks awesome but I hope it holds up. Nobody knows what to get me for my birthday or for Christmas...pretty much the only thing I care about are games lol but feel a bit cheeky just listing off like 5 games I'm interested in.
    My list being, in no particular order:

    Days Gone
    Metro Exodus
    Greedfall(if good)
    The Outer Worlds(if good)
    Borderlands 3
    DOOM Eternal

    Probably a couple of others.

    Damn. Kinda annoying that so many good games have to come out around the same time, it's holiday season I get it but damn, my attention span can't host all that. Good job I can't afford them all.


    • Finished South Park: Fractured But Whole the other day, at least the main story, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not as good as Stick of Truth but definitely a worthy sequel.


      • Very tempted by Greedfall, it looks really cool I'm just worried by the length. People have said 30 hours, that's pretty crap for an RPG if true.

        Possibly just the main quest though so hopefully people put up their times on HLTB soon. Really like the style of it.
        The facial animations are a lil wonky but whatevs, I've played Bethesda games.


        • WoW Classic anyone?