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  • I tried playing Borderlands 2 yesterday with a friend, and hadn't been for the fact that I was playing with a friend I would've quit almost instantly. I don't enjoy the game at all.


    • Not a game I ever cared for either. I've been playing Tomb Raider 1.


      • Yeah I have high hopes for the third one but I feel the series is a tad over rated, it can be fun when a lot of chaos is going on...but it's easy as balls.

        Currently making my way through Fallout 2 and man what a bunch of BS this game is compared to the first one, it's really annoying. I love the atmosphere and whatnot but the game balance and AI pathing is terrible. Had to reload a save because there was this cave with pitfalls along every route, which was fine, could walk around easy.
        But if one of your companions hits one you all fall down.
        And they walk in to them every damn time.

        The rate at which NPC's get critical hits on you is so annoying too, they use the same guns as you but get to do like 3x the damage. Feels like playing X-COM.

        In other news, Final Fantasy VII Remake is looking pretty baller:

        Do hope it's fun to play and has some additional content though, would imagine there's lots of stuff they wanted in originally but didn't have the tech or the time to do.


        • All I've been playing lately is Jump Force. I'm kinda surprised I bought it as early as I did, but it's not as bad as I expected. Certainly lacking a lot of characters. The customization is fun, although they have some weird choices in abilities they decide not to give you. Not too happy about that as I wanted to use either Kakashi or Sasuke's. Go figure you can't use either. Goku is like ridiclously overpowered in the game. His Meteor Combination is probably the best move in the game. I haven't played online yet, so I don't know how cheaply you could win spamming that. I only see myself buying the character pass if its on sale for really cheap. The only character that I think would be worth playing as is Kaiba, well Madara will be cool too but I don't care as much since I've played as him in Naruto games. Not a big Bleach fan, don't care enough for Bakago or All Might, don't like Majin Buu, and not the biggest fan of Trafalgar D. Law. I'm really disappointed to not see Gintoki or Hiei or even more Black Clover characters. Maybe next season pass, if there is one. I don't know if the game is popular enough that they'd do one.

          Going to go and pre-order the special edition of the new Fire Emblem game today at gamestop. Might as well shop there since I bought a membership.


          • Boy Tomb Raider II sure is way harder than the first one. Every aspect of difficulty has been raised.


            • I've decided to download a bunch of PS+ games I never bothered trying but added to my library, including Transistor, Lords of the Fallen(technically I played 15 minutes of it) Titan Souls, Rebel Galaxy, Grand Kingdom, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and a couple of others.

              Overall there's 97 games there, wowzers. Most of them I'm really not interested in or have already played but going to give this selection a good go.
              Don't suppose the Deus Ex franchise will ever be salvaged but I've never tried it before so checking it out will at least be interesting.


              • I've been playing New N'Tasty the Abe's Odyssey remake. It's not a huge game on paper by any means but the difficulty of rescuing all the Mudokons extends its length significantly. Beat Crash Bandicoot 2 with all the gems last night as well. Not sure what to do next.


                • It's stupid but I've always kinda hated Abe's Odyssey in the back of my mind because I was too much of a dumbass to figure out how to play the demo wayyyy back on PS2 or PSX, whichever it was.

                  Literally the first bit with the yellow robot dog thing patrolling above, had absolutely no idea what to do so it pissed me off and any time it's ever mentioned now, even though I could probably easily do it now, my brain just goes "NONE OF THAT SHIT"

                  Actually I have absolutely no idea what one that was...

                  Guessing the demo didn't start at the beginning? All I remember is it being an industrial setting and there was a yellow robot wolf thing up top that would walk back and forth and if it seen you, game over.
                  Exodus is sorta like that but I skimmed through a playthrough and didn't see it. Odd. Heh.

                  EDIT Hmm could have been a Slig...they sound similar when they walk but I swear it was wolf shaped.
                  Last edited by Steve; 18-05-2019, 10:03 PM.


                  • It was probably a slig yeah. So much fun possessing them and then massacring their comrades. And then you make them self destruct.


                    • I'm thinking about not renewing my PS+ this year. There are very few games left I'm going to want, so even if there's deals I probably won't get them, and I've barely been logging on to snag some free games. At this point it kind of feels like a waste of money. The only thing is that I wouldn't be able to play FighterZ online with Evan. But it doesn't work when I'm at college anyways and I'll still have PS+ this summer. I'd rather just use that money to buy a new game tbh.


                      • I'm pretty satisfied with it still since I've got a huuuuge ass backlog of games to play.
                        Grand Kingdom is pretty fun, hard as balls for such a cutesy game.

                        This years selection has been kinda poor so far, for me at least. Modern Warfare was a crowd pleaser I'm sure but couldn't care less myself.

                        Think I'll check out The Surge soon, I was vaguely interested when it came out but not enough to risk money on it so heck it, it's free. And if The Surge 2 happens to be great then awesome.

                        There's an obvious bit of marketing there AAA companies are really missing out on. We could have had so many Assassins Creed games and whatnot for free that would surely make a lot of people return to the series and actually buy the next one.
                        I certainly don't care right now but if that Egypt one was free? I'd be willing to check it out and perhaps I'd want to buy Odyssey as well.

                        The game industry is weird.

                        They're so afraid to take chances like that...but with things like live services they all happily put their eggs in one basket and fail to think of the consequences.


                        • Really annoyed. Started a game of Pokemon Heartgold with the intention of catching all the Pokemon. Problem is on that game Nintendo used an antiquated wifi system that can no longer be connected to by regular means. So I have to purchase a Nintendo DS wifi USB stick in order to trade on generation IV Pokemon games just because Nintendo used a security system that wasn't even worth dick when the games were new..


                          • This Dreams game is certainly looking interesting, I wonder just how far people can go with it? It'll be weird if entire fleshed out games get made in it, how does copyright tackle that...

                            Been playing Lords of the Fallen lately, it's not too bad for a PS+ game. Incredibly clunky but the combat has a good sense of weight to it, it's a little buggy but I think it was unfair how it was written off as a DS clone, it absolutely is but there are some interesting mechanics in it.
                            There's to be a sequel but a different developer is doing it, which is interesting. I think if the wrinkles are ironed out it could be great but if entirely different devs are doing it, then it could turn out worse...

                            I think the original ones went on to do The Surge which certainly seems well received.
                            And they gave both that and Lords of the Fallen away on PS+ which is nice and generous. The Surge 2 is definitely on my radar now, if I like the first or at least see potential.


                            • Finished Lords of the Fallen now, decent game. It was a bit mediocre in some ways, particularly the balance of boss fights. Half of them made me want to put the game off because the bosses have like 3-5 different attacks and they basically go 1, 2, 3 and then you get like half a second before they start attacking again, so the only way you can feasibly fight them is by abusing the animations and standing right next to them where they can't hit you properly. The last boss was terrible.

                              The Surge is much better so far, they certainly learned from making LotF. The limb targeting system is awesome and adds a cool new layer of strategy to the Souls-like genre, I'm sure plenty will copy it.
                              Basically enemies have a head, chest and then four limb targets and if they're human they'll have randomized armour pieces on each slot and you can target what you want to aim at.
                              If they don't have armour on a particular spot it becomes a weak point you can use to kill them faster...but if they do, while the part is armour if you do enough damage and then do a finisher you have a chance of cutting it off, which is how you get new schematics to make the same armour, as well as materials to make more.
                              Pretty neat. Encourages you to take on tougher enemies to get their gear but also lets you sail through previously visited areas by attacking their weak spots.

                              The enemies are cool too so far, it's mostly people in exo-suits who have went crazy after some sort of systems crash messed with a neural link or something.
                              So they basically become crazy zombies in exo-suits hell bent on killing you. Or worshipping the vending machine God.
                              The way they scream at you can be pretty horrifying.

                              Solid game so far.


                              • That new Star Wars game looks...very very dull.

                                I seen one article say it looks like "Sekiro with lightsabers" and Jesus how games journalism has fallen. It looks incredibly run of the mill.
                                Visually gorgeous but otherwise meh, unless that's the crappiest part of the game but that would be terrible marketing.
                                Can't even cut off Stormtroopers limbs it seems, what's the point in excellent, realistic graphics if I can't have my lightsaber do lightsabery things. Using it as a torch is pretty cool though.

                                In a rare turn of events I think the only thing I really give a damn about this year is Nintendo. Bethesda might have something good...I guess but probably only shit that's not going to be out for ages.

                                Other than that I want to see what this Elden Ring game is like.