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  • Started Morrowind just to see how it would function, unsupported resolution but found a registry fix for it.

    Gives me a really weird nostalgic feeling playing it, awesome. But the UI is incredibly small hope I can find a mod to increase the text size, I have to lean over to read things, bit straining on the eyes.

    "Morrowind allows you to create and play any character imaginable"
    I wonder if Bethesda feel embarrassed reading that in the description considering how lacking their recent games have been in that department.
    Damn shame how far they've fallen.
    I was interested in that Blades mobile game because hey, Skyrim lite on mobile for something to do sounded fun but holy shit the micro-transactions are just sad.

    You have gems as the premium currency and there's loot boxes in it that you have to wait to open but you can speed up the opening with gems.
    How fucking greedy do they have to be? It used to take 6 HOURS to open some loot boxes but after all the complaints they reduced it to an hour.
    Still ridiculous.

    Why is it so hard for these companies to just make half decent mobile games? It has such a cool concept, you have a small town to build up and you explore dungeons but all that is sullied by 99% of the game just being wait timers.
    It's all recycled Skyrim assets too so while I would say it's shockingly low effort, at this point that sadly sums up Bethesda.


    • I still haven't played Sekiro even though I've had it since release.


      • I'm not entirely sure I will even get it, maybe if it's on a major sale.

        The gameplay and the setting itself just don't look very inspired to me, especially not after already playing Nioh. It looks awfully drab and dull in comparison and idk maybe that's realistic but still, it's the least interesting looking of the feudal Japan-y games. Might just forget about it and wait for Nioh 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima.

        The set character thing really puts me off, half the fun for me was finding what weapons I like in Souls games, using massive unconventional ones I suck at just because they look cool was great.

        The more I see of the game the less I want to play it, which is a shame.
        Got The Surge free with PS+ not exactly interested in it but what the hell might try it for an hour.


        • Idk man, I definitely think it's a game worth playing. It's fantastic.
          <a href=https://tse4.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.G3u-K0Jwatm3uCyaOjHiRwHaFQ target=_blank>https://tse4.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.G...uCyaOjHiRwHaFQ</a>


          • I'm making a concerted effort to play FFIX all the way through as I usually stop right before the end of disk 1.


            • I'm playing and modding Morrowind and my God this game is both amazing and terrible lol, it's gameplay mechanics have not aged well.

              Your weapon skill determines your accuracy. Which at the start of the game basically means you and NPC's just stand there waving knives and fists at each other quite literally like 20 times before you land a single hit...

              I installed a better bodies mod because the original models are awful but I need to kill someone and take their clothes off to even be sure it worked...but that's going to take me like an hour XD
              Pretty funny.

              I'm suddenly really enjoying older games lately, it's nice to play games that are just video games, not filled with corporate bullcrap. Desperate to get Half-Life but can't justify paying for a new game.


              • Hey Steve homie, hit me up sometime for Morrowind. It's got a fully stable multiplayer mod and I've been trying to gather a few DBZFers to try and get a game going. Multiplayer completely opens up Morrowind to classing yourself for range and stuff.

                Downloaded The Surge yesterday, going to give it a spin today whenever I get the chance. Hoping it stays hype to me as Sci-Fi Dark Souls but we'll see.


                • Oh shit really? I'd be up for that some time.


                  • Originally posted by Pelador View Post
                    Oh shit really? I'd be up for that some time.
                    yeah man it's very cool looking. I can send you a video of how to set it up.


                    The important parts are 2:09 (For the OpenMW mod which is required for TES3MP)

                    And then 31:16 (For the actual multiplayer mod itself)


                    • Think I have it set up now. Added the two mods he recommended as well.


                      • Originally posted by Pelador View Post
                        Think I have it set up now. Added the two mods he recommended as well.
                        Awesome, need to download a few more things on my end and we should be good to go.


                        • Now I'm back to DMC5 XD it's really annoying being fickle sometimes, I was obsessed with Apex Legends for like 2 weeks then I was obsessed with The Long Dark then DMC5 then Morrowind and now DMC5 again. Nothing ever seems to completely engross me.

                          Still can't get over how cool Nightmare is in DMC, I love how he just appears in random ways like sometimes he'll melt up through the ground, sometimes he'll smash through a wall, sometimes he'll drop from the sky and splat on the ground...other times he comes down as a fucking meteor and wrecks everything.
                          Such a ridiculous amount of detail was put in to this game and I'm glad it wasn't all just for the sake of making it look pretty, there's so much needless animation they've done that really shows it was a passion project or had incredible scope.
                          Every time you call Nico in there's a unique cutscene for her crazy entrance instead of just a single repeated animation, it's got such a nice handcrafted feel to it rather than some bargain basement shit most games would pull to save time and money, even though their games rake in millions.

                          That DLC for getting RE2's unlockables is ridiculous but, Capcom is killing it. Bethesda has certainly been dropped as my favourite games company by this point and Capcom sure seem to be gunning for that spot.
                          Because I'm so important and they clearly just care about my views.