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    A continuation of Steve's thread. Discuss anything video game related here, to your heart's content!
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    I highly recommend Goldenaxe Warrior on the Master System. It's a Legend of Zelda clone and it's not quite as enjoyable but if you feel like playing that type of game then it's great. I beat Zelda's second quest and then played it afterwards because I felt I needed more. Seriously suggest using a walkthrough due to difficulty. Although only for the overworld, not the dungeons that you can't really get lost in.


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      I'm glad I was credited, I came here to say you stole my baby.

      Anyway, video games. Relevant discussion.

      God of War won Game of the Year, pretty glad that it did. My choice would have been Spider-Man but GoW is a fantastic choice.


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        Played the very first one recently and it hasn't aged well.


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          Yeah GoW actually surprised me, I figured it'd be Red Dead or AC. Because of that I started playing GoW 3, enjoying it moderately I'd say. Taken a break from it as I came back home though. Had no idea it was Greek mythology tbh. Didn't really know anything about it in general though.


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            I was never interested in them before but the idea of it crossing over from Greek to Norse fascinated me so I gladly picked it up.

            I'm tempted to play the older ones now but yeah, they're obviously going to be a bit dated and they play completely differently. Not sure I can enjoy fixed camera angles again.
            I dunno, it'd be good to experience the whole story I guess though I've watched some videos.

            It'd be cool if the next one dealt with Thor and Odin and then Egyptian Gods are like alright God damn this Kratos dude is going to mess the universe up...
            Then the Egyptian Gods and various oriental Gods team up Power Rangers style to take you on.


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              Well it'd be hard to make the Egyptian Gods pass up as bad dudes, they were pretty chill compared to most, and even in the newer, so originally titled "God of War" ('cause there wasn't already one called like that) they exaggerated the nordic ones a bit much. Sure they have their bad stories, but they weren't THAT bad. Certainly not when compared to the greek pantheon.


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                And then Kratos has to battle the Abrahamic forces in the final game only to discover every deity he's dealt with has been an alien all along dun dun dun.


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                  Haven't gotten the new Smash game yet (expecting it for Christmas, didn't want to spend anymore money on games this year). I'm pretty pumped for it though. Took a look at the tier list today and could not believe Chrom and Roy were S-tier. Looking at stats they seem to possibly be the best in the game, very pleased by that. A shame that Link is D-tier, but it won't stop me from using him. Pichu is A-tier which is great, it'll be so much fun to troll people with him. Pretty sure Zelda is literally the same aside from her new Smash and design. I was hoping they bump up her stats since I'm already fairly good with her on 1v1.


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                    Originally posted by Darker View Post
                    Well it'd be hard to make the Egyptian Gods pass up as bad dudes, they were pretty chill compared to most, and even in the newer, so originally titled "God of War" ('cause there wasn't already one called like that) they exaggerated the nordic ones a bit much. Sure they have their bad stories, but they weren't THAT bad. Certainly not when compared to the greek pantheon.
                    I assume it was largely at a bad time for them with Ragnarok on the way and obviously Thor and Odin have reasons to be mad at Kratos now.

                    As for other Gods being evil or whatever, there's probably some sort of "balance" that's meant to be kept between the realms and no doubt Kratos is fucking that right up so they should have plenty reasons to want him dead. I assume anyway.

                    I'm mostly done with Red Dead Redemption 2 now, in the first section of the epilogue(which I hear is like 8 hours long)
                    Spoiler Alert!
                    Kinda didn't really feel much for Arthur's death.

                    It made me contemplate life and appreciating what I have but for him actually dying it was nowhere near as sad as John's death for me. For the good boy ending he goes out in a pretty cool way though.

                    Overall I liked how the game ended but some deaths were very unceremonious in a bad way, like Mrs Grimshaw at the end there, that felt very much like "Oh yeah she needs to die"
                    But it was nice how not just everyone died, glad Charles didn't(unless the epilogue ganks him) and then Trelawny and the Reverend. Plus some others.

                    Eh, I don't know how I feel about the game. In some ways it feels like some of the shitty design choices they went for have made me look at it with ass tinted glasses.
                    Also playing as John again is weird as hell. And kind of annoying, was hoping for a clean slate to build up money again and whatnot but you just get all Arthur's guns somehow? Odd.


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                      I don't want them to make all gods douches, just make Kratos antagonize them as he's done quite a few times. It's not like all the people he's fought and killed were evil. He's killed a lot of innocent people as well, in fact.

                      And yeah since Kratos basically just kickstarted Ragnarök, Thor and Odin will probably come for him. If that post-credits scene is anything to go by, the next game MIGHT start with a boss fight against Thor, but I doubt it.


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                        Yeahhh I hope it doesn't it'd be neat if after spending so much time with Atreus as your backup Thor basically just knocks Kratos thousands of miles away and keeps Atreus captive so then the first act of the journey is getting your son back.
                        And hopefully some cool new weapon to take Thor and Odin on, surely they're OP as fuck. Baldur would have been impossible.

                        Actually, this probably is what happens since it's a good excuse to have all your fancy armour taken away.

                        I hope the next game has a few more characters it'd be a bit dull if the Dwarves just did everything for you again, though the world is basically ending so it makes sense there's not huge amounts of folk. It'd be nice if there was some kind of hub town of survivors where you get items and craft stuff.


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                          We'll probably be set in another part of Midgard instead of the general area the game takes place in, similar to how there were many places beyond other realms in past GoWs' Ancient Greece.


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                            The new GoW seems pretty good. Too bad it's PS4 exclusive, I would've loved to try it out. I love that it's shifted focus to norse mythology.

                            Meanwhile I'm getting better at Overwatch.


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                              Man the character customization in Jump Force looks great. I have high expectations now and I don't think I'll be disappointed.