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Console exclusives

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  • Console exclusives

    What is your opinion on console exclusives? Should every game be available on all systems? Or does this practise keep the console market competitive?

    Here's my opinion on the matter. Generally I'm seldom interested in the games that tend to be console exclusive. So the practise doesn't effect me that much except when it comes to Metroid. I'd buy a whole new console just to play the next instalment of Metroid even if that was the only game I purchased for it. I think that what would happen if we had no exclusive titles is that one console would dominate all the others too much and we'd end up with a load of shovelware and possibly worst case scenario, a gaming crash. Similar to what happened in the 1980s because of Atari. Another issue is that some companies wouldn't want certain games on certain systems. For instance Nintendo tends to shy away from adult orientated games. Of course they do have mature titles but this is not their target audience. So if you were a developer wanting to release a particularly violent game then you'd go to Sony or Microsoft first right? Since they have the biggest target audience for this genre. If you also have to port it to Nintendo then you're going to sell less of your product because their audience tends to prefer lighter content. Plus its yet more money being spent on porting. Xbox One and PS4 use similar hardware. The Nintendo Switch has features these two systems do not. And that needs to be taken into account. So therefore if every game had to be on every console, you'd have some developers possibly making a loss due to one or two of the consoles not being suitable for the product. And that raises another point. Some console exclusives, particularly those on Nintendo rely on the console's gimmicks. Imagine playing Wii Bowling on PS4. What would be the point?

    So I think that although it can be annoying when a cool game comes out on a console you don't own, it's for good reasons. We don't want to Atari thing happening again.

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    Normally I don't care for it, in that exclusives tend to not have a very good reason for it, that said in the current AAA climate, I do notice the exclusive AAA games tend to be the really good ones that cater to more niche tastes generally (compared to the live service anyway). They're good for as long as they allow games to be made at such a level as they would normally not be, with focuses that differ from the usual AAA game, no more and no less.

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      All games should be on all platforms, ideally. The current exclusives on the PS side are great and I wish more people could play them, as well as the upcoming ones.



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        Console exclusive don't make for a competitive market, they mean you have to buy one system to play them, a competitive market would have the game on all platforms, with people able to choose which platform they want to play the game on.


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          To a degree, but in the current market, there is a specific good (live services) that are kind of proving to very lucrative, being able to sale less copies (meaning making less copies, shipping less copies, etc.) and making more money off of them, most of the AAA are following in this trend one way or another, particularly with microtransactions. The exclusives however are more there to sell the console, and as such have more freedom as they need to stand out from the crowd more, back with the PS3 I'd have agreed, but as the market is now, I think most of these exclusives just wouldn't exist at all if there weren't a company shelling out money for them because they want it on a specific platform of theirs. Hopefully the next console generation isn't this reptitive in the AAA space, but at least for now, the best we got I think is the console exclusives. I certainly doubt a single player no micro-transaction game like God of War, Spider-Man, or Horizon Zero Dawn would have had nearly as much funding and work put into if Sony wasn't pushing the PS4 as having the good story-driven single player games.

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            Things are getting less and less console exclusive as time goes on. Things once console exclusive are now available for most consoles + PC, the only exception being Nintendo games. I know there are some Playstation exclusives that probably never will be available on other platforms, in the end that's their loss.