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Your worst games of 2018

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  • Your worst games of 2018

    What were some of the worst games you played that were released in 2018?

    I genuinely didn't play anything bad that was released last year. I tend to be quite good at spotting rubbish and then avoiding it. So that basically means that even though it's not a terrible game by any means, my worst game was Fifa 19.

    It offered very few changes to its predecessor so it felt like I was retreading old ground. Yes the gameplay was a bit better but none of the minor improvements were enough to justify its price. I already guessed that before I bought it but I wanted it more for collection purposes rather than expecting anything ground breaking. Here's hoping Fifa 20 bothers to go the extra mile.

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    Of the games I actually played probably Wolfenstein 2 or RDR2.
    (I didn't play many in 2018)

    Wolfenstein was pretty good but it didn't feel like it really brought anything new to the table and it felt too long as well, it felt like playing the first game again and not in a good way. The AI is terrible too and the difficulty settings are extremely unsatisfying.
    Could have been a lot better.
    Hell of a coincidence that RDR2 has almost the exact same problems...

    Shit man, I only played like 5 or 6 games this year...


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      I didn't buy it, but I did play some of Black Ops 4 and I'd say I was pretty disappointed. I'm very glad I didn't buy the game. As for games I did buy, I don't think I could say any of them were bad. Also Fallout 76 is complete trash, but I only watched people play that one.