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Dungeon Crawlers

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  • Dungeon Crawlers

    Does anyone else here enjoy dungeon crawlers? I've always loved them.

    This is Eye of the Beholder. it's a Dungeons and Dragons game where you have to navigate a bunch of mazes to hunt down the evil Xanathor.

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    This is Dungeon Master. It's not my favourite but it's an interesting game with a unique spell casting system.

    This is Dungeon Master. Not my favourite but it's interesting.

    This is Shining in the Darkness. One of my all time favourite games. As with all the others the story is about finding the main bad guy and destroying them. You only get three party members weirdly. This one was for Sega Genesis and despite all the level and money grinding is really enjoyable.

    This is Might and Magic: Book One. I really enjoyed this one. Finishing quests felt very satisfying.

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