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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    What are your expectations and hopes for these games?

    And most importantly- What starter will you choose?

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    I expect them to be better than Sword and Shield as well as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl at least. Although that's not a high bar to surpass.

    I'm going to choose Sprigatito. Who will you choose?


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      That's what I'm hoping for. SW/SH was pretty meh and BD/SP was probably the most disappointing Pokémon game to date. I'm praying that GameFreak took all the criticism the games got and put it towards making Scarlet and Violet good. If these games fail to entertain me, then I'm likely going to give up on Pokémon at this point.

      Based off initial impressions, definitely Sprigatito because it's so cute, lol. But it'll mostly depend on what the final evos look like, so my decision may change.