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Pelador's scale of difficulty

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  • Pelador's scale of difficulty

    Some games are very hard, others are really easy. So here's my scale for where to place certain games.

    1. Extremely easy.

    Impossible to fail and takes less than an hour to finish.

    2. Very easy.

    Someone new to videos games might struggle in the beginning but most people should beat it without any effort.

    3. Easy.

    Presents a few challenges for some.

    4. Normal.

    Balances between being challenging yet beatable.

    5. Difficult.

    Could take a while to figure out and constantly challenges the player.

    6. Hard.

    With enough practise it can be beaten but not recommend for casual gamers.

    7. Extremely hard.

    Practise, dedication, experience and luck is what you need for this level of difficulty. Or build a tas bot.

    8. Impossible.

    Literally cannot be beaten for one reason or another. E.g Pacman has a glitch on the final level making it unbeatable. However I don't know of any games where they are unbeatable due to the difficulty.