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Favourite Games?

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  • Favourite Games?

    I've already made a few similar threads that I think are perfect for this new start for the community, so here we go: What are your favourite video games?

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    Donkey Kong 64 is my favorite game ever. I don't really keep a numbered list in mind but I'll name a few more in no particular order.

    Portal 1&2
    Dark Souls/Bloodborne
    Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages
    Majora's Mask
    Ocarina of Time
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Pokemon Crystal
    Stardew Valley
    Morrowind Oblivion and Skyrim

    Plenty more



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      Metroid Prime
      Metroid Fusion
      Legend of Zelda
      Dragon Quest
      Castle of Illusion
      Wonderboy in Monster World
      Phantasy Star IV
      Crash Bandicoot
      Tomb Raider
      Advance Wars
      Command and Conquer Generals
      Supreme Commander
      Doom 3
      Wolfenstein 3D
      Alien vs Predator 2
      Aliens vs Predator Extinction
      X-men Legends
      Marvel Ultimate Alliance
      Streets of Rage 2
      Might and Magic


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        Danganronpa 1
        Danganronpa 2
        Ace Attorney's games on DS
        Treasure of the Rudras (SNES)
        Star Ocean (SNES)
        Chrono Trigger
        Attack of the Saiyans
        Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

        big gap

        DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii)
        Secret of Mana (SNES)
        Jump Ultimate Stars (DS, can't understand Japanese)
        Pokemon Crystal
        Shenmue until the freaking forklifts

        The Adventures of Cookie and Cream (PS2), Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast), Fifa 06 and Burnout 3 were some of my faves as a kid.

        (aka TrunksinSwimmingTrunks aka daman)

        “Planets are just places for people to stand on. Planets are just rocks. It takes people to make it a world. You can have as many “Earths” as you want. I only care about what’s inside.” – Sakamoto Tatsuma

        Kamikaze Pyro is a girl? olsiw


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          Ah damn I forgot about Chrono Trigger and Attack of the Saiyans.


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            All time favorite game I'd say is Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. As for game series and others . . .

            The Legend of Zelda series (Can't really say what my favorite is; Breath of the Wild, Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword? I dunno, they're all so good)
            Fire Emblem series (Radiant Dawn is by far my favorite, but Awakening is second. Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword are for sure near the top)
            Dark Souls III
            Super Smash Bros. series (Newest game really might be my favorite, otherwise Smash 4)
            Kingdom Hearts II
            Dragon Ball Z games (BT3 is my favorite console game and handheld is either Attack of the Saiyans or Buu's Fury)
            Pokemon series (FireRed or Yellow might be my favorite. Let's Go is good, but it just feels like there isn't enough to do)
            Assassin's Creed (Mainly Origins and Odyssey, but AC 2 and AC 4 are still great)
            Black Ops II (Enjoyed the first three games, but none as much as the second game)


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              No particular order...

              X-COM (the old one)
              X-COM & X-COM 2 (the new ones)
              Fallout/Fallout 2/New Vegas
              Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
              Marvel vs. Capcom 2
              Kingdom Hearts II
              Final Fantasy VII/XII
              Metroid Prime
              Majora's Mask
              Chrono Trigger
              Earthbound/Mother 3
              Metal Gear Solid 2/3
              Metal Gear Rising
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                - Tales of Graces
                - Tales of Symphonia
                - Tales of the Abyss
                - Tales of Xillia
                - Super Smash Bros (all of them)
                - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
                - Pokemon Platinum
                - World of Final Fantasy
                - Chrono Trigger
                - Dragon Quest
                - Xenosaga

                .... Probably missing a few here and there but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.


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                  Paper Mario
                  Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
                  Ocarina Of Time
                  Majora's Mask
                  Wind Waker
                  Twilight Princess
                  Donkey Kong 64
                  Fire Emblem Awakening
                  Fire Emblem Fates
                  Pokemon Crystal
                  Pokemon Gold
                  Pokemon Silver
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                    Probably the only game I'd add from last time I posted would be Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Have played many good games since then, but that one is easily one of my all time favorites now.


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                      Good day everyone! I don't know why I didn't saw this thread before, but I am keened on video games. Now I am playing CSGO, are there people who plays Faceit, we can play some matches together. Before, I was playing World of Warcraft and I decided to quit because 8 years was too much for me and I got tire of this game and open world games in general. Now CSGO is the best game for me and I have a lot of fun. Also, I have a lot of csgo skins, so if you want to buy one I can make you a good price, write me a dm and we will meet in discord or somewhere elese.
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                        Dragon Ball FighterZ! It's DBZ and an awesome fighting game engine combined together! My friends and I have played this 500+ hours since it came out on Switch.