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  • Finished Umbrella Academy. It's okay, it's fun, but also really slow and ultimately nothing special. A lot is lost by transforming the barrage of oddities that was the original comic into a traditional Netflix drama.

    Also, Legion is partially responsible for the "french fries as a metaphor for parallel earths" bit of dialogue from the Spider-Verse trailer not making it into the final cut. Completely irrelevant but kind of an interesting bit of trivia.

    (Artists who worked in the movie are always sharing production tidbits on social media, it's pretty neat.)


    • I am currently watching The Umbrella Academy and I'm enjoying it so far. I think the acting so far is the high point, but there's some really great songs and montages. I think Number Five is my favorite character so far.


      • The cast was probably my favorite thing about the show.


        • Finished The Umbrella Academy. I didn't think it was all that slow, and I am excited about that Season 2 brings.


          • Watched the first volume of Kill Bill for the first time last night. Honestly, a very silly movie, but I enjoyed it. There were just so many parts I couldn't help but laugh at, but honestly they played the silliness off well. It's like they knew they couldn't do the movie completely seriously so they played it up, at least that's the vibe I got. I mean, the blood is just ridiculous and the whole, Silly rabbit trix are for kids. I felt like it was intentionally made to be silly but also cool at the same time.


            • Yeah Kill Bill is a unique one, I kind of didn't like it much myself but I can see why they're cool movies.

              I think I find Uma Therman hard to buy as a warrior, that's not totally the problem but part of it though for most people that probably plays in to the silliness.

              Finally found a download of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable(the movie) I don't know why the hell that took so long, that and Gintama(live action) came out in 2017 and I was looking for ages for both and nothing.
              I even made several posts on Reddit asking questions about them and nobody responded, it was very weird.

              In other movie related news over the past week or so I've had several dreams about Captain America.
              I have no idea why.


              • I mean we've all seen Chris Evans without a shirt on right? So in my eyes those dreams make total sense.

                Bit of a well duh but I'm finding the acting and dialogue in Arrow this season to be really sub par, even for a network show. All the other DC shows do everything better.


                • Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter 1 was...actually good? Holy ****.

                  The people that made it should do every Japanese live action anime film, it was Oscar worthy compared to that garbage Attack on Titan movie.
                  It pretty much shot for shot recreated the first few episodes of the anime, as much as you can with live action.
                  Even the Stands look pretty good, not horrifically out of place and the CG was...good? I'm so surprised.

                  Not sure I want to watch Gintama though since it's humour would be so much harder to pull off.

                  I'm not sure we'll ever go back to Arrow and co, we watched the first episode of Elseworlds which was pretty nostalgic but we would have like 3 seasons to catch up on for every show...nah.

                  I do quite like the guy who plays Superman though.


                  • Bit disappointed by the last episode of the Orville.

                    Spoiler Alert!
                    It was all resolved too easily and it was very obvious that Issac would save the day.


                    • Sooo...the newer Walking Dead is kinda good, we've watched 3 episodes or so since Rick's final one and it's definitely got some new energy to it.

                      Still some incredibly annoying dumb **** characters but overall it's improved.

                      I can not take Judith seriously though.
                      She's literally like 7, her personality is ridiculous, they went in way too hard on the "Look, she's Rick's daughter!" idea there.


                      • Captain Marvel was pretty much as expected, a tiny bit better than I thought it'd be but otherwise your standard MCU movie, not a single twist caught me by surprise.
                        The Skrull are pretty cool.

                        I was hoping there'd be a lot more mystery surrounding them, who's one and who isn't but it's a decent movie still, I'm guessing other characters in the wider universe will turn out to be them anyway.

                        Spoiler Alert!
                        But it felt kinda dumb how much trouble CM had with them after she was effortlessly wiping out dozens of them when she couldn't even use her fists properly.
                        I get that they're not bad guys anyway but that first section just made them seem like really dumb, useless space orcs/goblins. It was super obvious they're not much of a threat from that.

                        My main gripe with the movie is how OP Captain Marvel was, it felt like she could have done the whole movie with her eyes closed so it was just some more flashy visuals with no stakes.
                        Way overhyped movie. It definitely pushed more of a "women are cool too" message than Wonder Woman but it wasn't as in your face about it as Brie Larson herself is, so that was good.

                        6.5 out of 10.

                        There was a teaser for Endgame at the cinema but...I'm kinda all about Shazam! here, that movie looks like so much more fun. At least you know right out the gate it's not taking itself seriously whereas MCU trailers tend to be like "Everything is horrible" but the actual movie is light and fun for the most part.

                        "You nearly electrocuted all those people!"
                        "Yeah but I still saved them!"


                        • ....I literally just watched the movie as well Steve

                          Shazam... Looks a bit better as a deconstruction of superhero fare, though I still hate the costume.

                          As for Captain Marvel... I really liked it! it's still an MCU film in many ways, but Carol here I think was well played here and felt faithful to the comics portrayal of her, I'm looking forward to her role in Avengers. I will say that I am utterly gobsmacked by the fact that the Air Force sponsored this film which...

                          Spoiler Alert!
                          Has it turn out that the skrulls aren't invaders at all, and are the good guys here. More specifically it draws very direct parallels between the various insurgent groups that the USA has fought, including I think maybe Al-Qaeda, referring to them as terrorists, talking about false flag operations (theorized about with 9/11, more explicitly known to be done in Vietnam). It was also something I didn't expect given the Skrulls are kind of A-holes in the main comics universe. It was easily the most surprising part of this movie, and it honestly really surprised and impressed me that they did this, as well as confusing me as to why the Air Force even let this through.

                          The main origin was changed but... With an origin story for Captain Marvel that gets as convoluted as it does for someone like Carol Danvers, I can't really blame them lol I'll also say I do like the focus they did on her story, her memories, a bit more focus on normal people. I think it overall... Maybe I'm wrong, but it felt like one of the phase one marvel movies again, in both good and bad ways. I will say that this movie more than most had me laughing a bit more honestly, I liked Carol's/Larson's sense of humor a bit more I think, in that wise-cracking way. Younger Nick Fury was honestly great.

                          Spoiler Alert!
                          Also I liked the way she took down Ron-Rogg, just not even bothering to fight him fisticuffs, and using her powers. I admittedly expected her to say something to the effect of "This is a part of me, but in hindsight "I don't have anything to prove to you" is probably a lot better :lol:

                          Spoiler Alert!
                          As an aside on the political "controversy"
                          Also Brie Larson was unfairly maligned by rightwing ****wads, which I found particularly interesting given both the actress in Alita (the movie they keep praising instead) and Wonder Woman (which avoided this criticism) were much more extreme, Gal Gadot even saying anyone who wasn't a feminist is a sexist. This whole controversy on the whole smells of manufactured rag meant to push a political agenda and to fan the flames of hatred and terrorism (like gamergate).

                          Signature and Avatar by NinjaSushi


                          • For the Skrulls

                            Spoiler Alert!
                            I like that the Skrulls weren't bad, as obvious as it was but it also kinda worries me because I was hoping they'd be this sinister force that has secretly infected the whole MCU and replaced multiple characters, the theory that Loki was one seemed pretty tight but in the MCU it doesn't seem like they can replicate peoples powers? Though that said the only person with actual powers was Captain Marvel I guess so maybe that's why.

                            But if they're not bad guys then it doesn't seem like it fits for them to suddenly reveal themselves and cause chaos, unless there's just radical groups among them.
                            But again they seem kinda weaksauce anyway. It'd be cool if there was a group of super strong ones that can replicate powers almost 100%, the main Skrull dude said it takes practice so maybe powers can be copied the same way.

                            I mostly liked Captain Marvel herself, she seemed a bit too giddy like she was trying too hard to be funny. Not sure if the character is like that or if it was just Brie herself.

                            I think the controversy with Brie Larson is largely that the MCU is a bigger deal and I guess she's a bigger actress than Gadot as well as being more of an activist, so if she's making clumsy speeches where she says "I don't hate white guys" like four times it's going to rub people the wrong way. Definitely blown out of proportion anyway.

                            Urgh, that reminds me about all the sexist douchebags who think that Stan Lee would be upset to see a woman taking a strong role and such because they think he was as much of an asshole as they are.
                            Just urgh. Stan was a bro, obviously he made some mistakes in life(allegedly) but that doesn't mean he was a hateful person.
                            It's hilarious and sad these people think Stan would be their ally when he wrote X-Men and all the many themes it has, yes I'm sure he was super alt-right.
                            Last edited by Steve; 17-03-2019, 06:30 PM.


                            • I ended up watching Captain Marvel after all.

                              Spoiler Alert!
                              The movie's morals/themes are pretty simple. Standard corporate activism.
                              #1: Carol learns that her emotions are what empower her rather than what holds her back. Lightweight mass market feminism; a very Disney thing to do.
                              #2: Carol serves the military of a sci-fi empire and, after uncovering their abuses of power, becomes a hero by taking action to right those wrongs. Skrulls are reimagined as political refugees. A straightforward allegory.

                              Moral #1 is simple and fablelike. I suppose there's nothing wrong with it despite how calculated its delivery is. It might inspire some kids or whathever.

                              Moral #2 doesn't work because, as a billion people have already pointed out elsewhere, Captain Marvel is a bit of an Air Force recruitment ad. The movie's about imperialism, the displacement of refugees, military abuses of power, etc, but all of those issues are examined through the lens of space aliens. The script outs the wrongs of a fictional sci-fi military while doing nothing of the sort for the very real military organization the character also serves in. The problem isn't navigating real world problems by using fantasy, but doing so when the "real" equivalent of those problems is also present and goes unexamined.

                              Other than that, it's standard Marvel. Its confused message will still earn the movie plenty of praise (again, it's too calculated to fail). The needle drops were terrible... like I get it, it's the nineties.

                              The "controversy" was stupid, as usual. Companies are pretty wise on how to weaponize the predictable vitriol of reactionary idiots on social media for what ends up basically becoming free publicity.