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  • STPicard ended a few weeks ago. They didn't do the ending of Mass Effect 3, obviously. They came up with their own set of complete nonsense!

    Is anyone still around? What are you guys watching during this widespread global health crisis that's keeping us from leaving our homes?


    • I've been watching a lot the last few months.

      Rewatched 24
      Rewatched the James Bond movies (https://letterboxd.com/emmeth/list/james-bond/ - Reviewed here if you're interested)
      Been watching:
      Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 10
      Westworld - Season 3
      Star Trek: Picard - Season 1
      The Plot Against America - Mini-series

      Currently watching The Wire (giving it a third shot and am a lot more interested this time around)

      I highly recommend The Plot Against America by the way, also recommend Westworld, Star Trek: Picard and Curb.

      I've also seen other movies like Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker which I found adequate. Rewatched all the Back to the Future movies (my all time favorite trilogy).
      Beyond that I can't recall anything else. Been watching mostly Youtube stuff.

      I'm gonna give The Sopranos a shot at some point, probably after a rewatch of LOST.


      • Originally posted by Emmeth View Post
        I've been watching a lot the last few months.
        I wonder why XD

        I've not watched a whole lot myself, I've been binge watching reviews of decent/shitty movies I'll probably never watch myself though. Ryan Hollinger does some great video essays. (at least I think that's what they're called)
        Also watched reviews for all the Human Centipedes. I'm glad the images in my head were far worse than the actual thing because now I don't have to imagine that crap. Same with A Serbian Film, holy shit that movie.

        Only movies we've watched lately are Guns Akimbo and Parasite.

        Guns Akimbo was great, I liked Swiss Army Man more but GA was a fun movie. For some reason I had it in my head that he had infinite ammo in his guns but his ammo is very limited so for most of the movie he's just an awkward as hell pedestrian who can't even dress himself, which is pretty funny.

        Parasite was brilliant too but I didn't think it was quite as good as most say it is, I thought the ending kinda sucked but everything up to it was great. I think it would have been better if at the end
        Spoiler Alert!
        They just left the house that night and the film ends there, with the family going home to all their possessions destroyed by the flood, including all the money they'd saved, for all the bad things they did having never really made any progress in their lives, despite how capable they are.

        And then they could have been found out by the Parks who helped organize the gym the residents had to sleep in which is why they never go back. This would highlight that just because the Parks are rich as hell, doesn't automatically make them bad and that being in a lower position in life doesn't justify evil deeds, it just makes you a shitty person.

        I felt it went over the top to an unnecessary and cartoonish degree, even though it was trying to be gritty and horrible. Might just be a cultural perspective thing I guess, my girlfriend watches Korean dramas and every time I see them some weird goofy stuff tends to be happening.


        • Ricky Gervais has somehow managed to create something very funny but incredibly depressing at the same time with his show After Life. If you're gonna watch it with your partner make sure they have a box of tissues to hand.


          • Originally posted by Pelador View Post
            Ricky Gervais has somehow managed to create something very funny but incredibly depressing at the same time with his show After Life. If you're gonna watch it with your partner make sure they have a box of tissues to hand.
            I agree. I really enjoyed the first series of After Life, Gervais really shines in roles like this.


            • Rewatched a couple movies this week. First one was Uncut Gems. I liked it much less this time around. Both Uncut Gems and its predecessor, Good Time, seem like a trap for Film Twitter, Letterboxd and other Professional Film Understander Hubs all over the internet. And I fell right into that trap the first time around, I guess. A lot of NOISE (literal or otherwise; the bombastic central performances in both films are the greatest expression of that noise) is used to give a feeling of "texture" to rather ordinary films tailor-made to appeal to a certain audience of Extremely Online film enthusiasts.

              The other one I rewatched was An Elephant Sitting Still. That movie O-W-N-S. It's not the ode to apathy people make it out to be (a particularly shitty review I read back then literally described it as 'Apathy: The Movie'). But it's the opposite of that. Bleak, but never nihilistic. Life-affirming without the kind of affected 'optimism' and 'sincerity' Professional Film Understanders always love. 10/10.


              • Been rewatching LOST and god damn it's really enjoyable. I'm ready to put it down as one of the best TV-shows ever.


                • LOST owns. I was thinking about rewatching that and then The Leftovers. Lots of free time in my hands these days.


                  • Originally posted by Topographic Oceans View Post
                    LOST owns. I was thinking about rewatching that and then The Leftovers. Lots of free time in my hands these days.
                    Lots of free time in everyone's hands these days :P


                    • Yeah I don't think a show has ever hyped me up as much as lost, I feel like it's one of the only shows that remains consistently interesting. There are some sections that are a bit less so sure but there's never like a whole season that's super boring or anything, it's so wonderfully well realized.

                      Heck even the opening still brilliantly sets the tone. I wonder when we'll get a TV show that big? I guess the bigger movies like the MCU get the more chance there'll be for TV shows to improve, since they can't compete with billion dollar movies. There's definitely been a lot of higher quality shows in the past few years anyway.

                      We've been watching The Man In The High Castle, currently just started season 3. It's pretty good but nothing exceptional, the love story between two of the main characters bores the hell out of me and the main character herself is really annoying.

                      But everything else is good, the soundtrack is great.

                      As a story I enjoy it a lot, it doesn't show the Nazi's or the Japanese as these comically unscrupulous factions, all of them have some good points and bad points.

                      Like how the Nazi's are...well, they're Nazi's. But their society is well organized and safe, people don't even lock their doors and citizens are all helpful towards each other. It's quite the utopia...just eh...hope you don't have a genetic deformity. And don't ever say anything bad about Hitler, swine!
                      Meanwhile the Japanese are a lot more forgiving and they don't give much of a damn about racial purity or genetic perfection. But they also execute tens of random non-Japanese civilians as reprisals for whenever they get attacked so yeeeah, they're also not the good guys.

                      Even the Resistance has shitty qualities to it, though they are objectively the good guys their methods are very questionable at times. It's well thought out like that, it makes no attempt to justify how each faction functions but explains why they are a particular way.


                      • Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge was pretty good, I recommend it to anyone