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  • That exoskeleton was based on the one Batman wears in Kingdom Come

    Watched Birds of Prey. Kinda fun, stylish enough that I think it could've been genuinely good if it wasn't such a pasteurized studio product. I think someone who isn't a group of faceless studio goons would've been able to cobble together a better cut with the 10 hours of raw material I get the impression they must've shot. Anyway, I enjoyed it for what it was.

    About Doctor Who, a lot of the Chibnall-era episodes are ridiculously upfront about spelling out exactly what the week story's about, leaving no room for misinterpretation. I'm willing to cut them some slack since Doctor Who's primarily aimed at children, though. This season's been pretty enjoyable (probably the best series of DW in a while), I think, but still not quite great.
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    • Not much to see but Robert Pattinson as Batman looks pretty cool so far, strong Netflix Daredevil tones from that teaser. I hope the film can be half as tension filled as that series.
      Though I'm still not sure where tf it lands in the DCEU.

      I'm guessing and kinda hoping they're going to do a bunch of random things, see what sticks and just Flashpoint to having only the good be relevant. Suppose that's better than straight up ignoring things.

      I'm super surprised to hear Birds of Prey is at least average. Probably going to go see it next week.
      Random fact, Margot Robbie once ate a 4 pound bucket of spaghetti bolognese for a competition, which she won.

      Yeah this season of Doctor Who has had more interesting things going on than the past few, that's for sure. I can barely remember a single thing about Capaldi's, especially not with Bill or Clara.
      I get that it's aimed at teenagers but surely the writing could be a bit better.
      That tends to be a common defence of the tone and the writing but way back in the Tenant era it was still meant to be for the same age range yet had far greater intensity to it. Ecclestons season was a tad miserable.
      It's getting a bit annoying how easy every villain is to defeat and how 99% of the time The Doctor need only wave her Sonic at something and WABAM evil be gone. It's almost as though The Doctor is just the Sonic Screwdriver and the person wielding it just thinks they're super intelligent.

      What a twist that would be? Imagine they explained the Fugitive thing with that "Actually she's not The Doctor she's just some idiot with a screwdriver, she's just so out of it she actually thinks she's a Timelord"