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  • Adam Sandler and Nic Cage are weird, they're like exceptionally good actors that seem like they just couldn't be bothered trying for 20 years or whatever. I'm not sure I care about Uncut Gems yet because real people movies ain't for me fam but it might get a watch.
    But then watching Bruce Willis "act" in Reprisal sounds like a truck ton of fun.

    Damn though, I must have like 200GB of movies and TV I have absolutely no passion to watch what so ever. Jason Bourne has been sitting there for four years holy shit.

    My boss explained no actual plot details of the new Star Wars movie but he explained the format and while I basically always enjoy the cinema experience what with the loud noises and pewpewpews...think it's a pass. It just sounds tiring and chaotic. He's a massive fan and even enjoyed Last Jedi and he said at this point he'd say the Prequels are better.

    It baffles me so much that the MCU is this pristine, perfectly oiled and maintained factory that engineers precise goods to match an audience somehow still thirsty for them and time and time again it goes beyond its previous records of crowd pleasing.
    But Star Wars is like a caveman covered in oil bashing two rocks together trying to start a fire...it's sure going to achieve something but it's...well it's not good.

    Was well on for watching BBC's Dracula because I'm excited for any new vampire entertainment, provided it's good.
    But the ending sounds...hilarious.
    Spoiler Alert!
    He uh...he drinks the blood of someone with cancer and dies

    Just wow.


    • lmao that Dracula ending

      I'd expect no less from the genius who gave Sherlock Holmes a secret supervillain sister.


      • BBC really need to stop giving Moffatt the time of day. I actually think Mark Gattis is okay. It's Moffatt who ruins everything.


        • I can't remember the last time I enjoyed something the BBC put out. The only things that seem universally good are shows with David Attenborough, though I don't actually go out of my way to download or otherwise watch them to be honest. Just mad respect to the dude.

          Only watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who but eh, it's not doing a lot for me so far even though I love The Master. It felt kind of cheap to have him in, even if it's well explained later.
          Doctor Who is in an odd position for me.
          There's not enough classic villains in it that connect it to the older material in a good way.
          But then the classic villains also seem massively overused. How many times can the Daleks, Cybermen and The Master "die" for good but just come back again or be in a time period where they were alive rendering their "death" pointless?

          It would be really damn cool if The Doctor just died and their daughter took up the mantle a few years later, that would be an interesting fresh start. Provided they actually stuck to it.
          Their daughter could have good Doctor-like qualities but could still be learning, them not being a paragon of justice could be cool and those moral lessons ought to be repeated for newer generations.


          • I'm already loving this new Master. Quality villain. Good chemistry with the Doctor too. Guy was totally wasted on Iron Fist.

            But yeah, there wasn't much else to latch onto besides good performances from the leads and new villain. Standard Doctor Who, just sorta going through the motions.


            • Yeah I like the actor just...didn't The Master die though...I'm pretty positive it was like yeah he's totally dead for real this time.
              Them not having the balls to leave him dead doesn't surprise me but still.

              Finished Witcher. Great show but the time jump stuff was kinda awkward, I feel like they were going for an elaborate twist but they just made it confusing. Not enough Geralt action, too much boring magic fighting. Watching mages dramatically push their hands at things is...yeah.
              If Henry Cavil came in to my home saying the f word over and over in his Geralt voice he could pretty much do whatever he wanted to me.
              10/10 swearing action.
              Overall I'd give it like a 7 in terms of enjoyment, mostly because I expect it to be a great foundation.

              And now there's no good TV left for a while, haven't heard buzz about anything besides the DC Crisis series but pretty sure it's finished now.

              Shows like Chernobyl have made everything else seem kinda dull.


              • I finished watching season 2 of Titans. It was very hit and miss for me. Probably too many episodes for the story. For all the flaws of Doctor Who, of which there are many, the small number of episodes in a series is not one of them. Also I said this in Discord but Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne did not work. Really poor choice of casting. When he first appeared outside Wayne Manor I thought he was Alfred... that's a big clue that he's been miscast. Oh and everyone's wigs look terrible in the show too.

                So what's next for me? I'll probably finish Watching the Good Place. And then I don't know. Probably find an anime to get into because there doesn't seem that much else to bingewatch.


                • Remember when the Master was executed by the Daleks (executed, killed, exterminated, no possibility of regeneration) but somehow survived as a green snake monster who took over the body of a human paramedic and that was how the Eric Roberts Master was born? That was a bit of a laugh.

                  I'd rather they don't explain it at all this time around. We have all the information we need -- he's back and up to no good. Like, they didn't explain how the Eric Roberts Master became Derek Jacobi after a pretty decisive defeat in the TV movie and maybe that was for the best. And I think the problem isn't in recycling old villains but in misusing them. You can still write a good Dalek story, it's just that the writers of Doctor Who... don't. And they are just as bad with original villains, too.

                  And yeah, CW Crisis is over. Again, kinda trashy but also kinda fun if you've invested a lot of time in those shows and other live-action DC media, as I have (much to the detriment of my mental health).

                  I thought Titans S1 was horrible so I went to season 2 with such low expectations that it was impossible to be disappointed. Somehow, Arrow had the better Deathstroke. Doom Patrol was conceived as a spin-off but wipes the floor with Titans in every conceivable way.

                  As of right now I'm just looking forward to season 5 of Better Call Saul and season 2 of Doom Patrol.


                  • Originally posted by Steve View Post
                    It baffles me so much that the MCU is this pristine, perfectly oiled and maintained factory that engineers precise goods to match an audience somehow still thirsty for them and time and time again it goes beyond its previous records of crowd pleasing.
                    Kiddies are easy to please. They do make up most of the population lol


                    • I actually just can't be bothered with Titans or Doom Patrol, we haven't even finished season 1 of that.

                      The problem with these edgier shows is that they seem a lot cooler but then they still turn out pretty damn cheesy anyway. With Titans Raven, Beastboy and Robin ruin it for me, they're so freaking cringey. Beastboy probably the least but still hard to take him seriously on any level.

                      We're watching Crisis, slowly and yeah it's pretty fun but damn I don't miss the fight scenes in these series, it just feels like watching Power Rangers again. "Oh there's a pillar or something on the ground between me and my foe? Time to do a dramatic slow mo flip over for no reason!"
                      Also wow Ruby Rose as Batgirl/woman, my God I'm glad we're past her episode...

                      Kevin Conroy as Batman was cool, I bet he loved playing that role in live action though he'd probably prefer to not be an evil Batman.

                      I've gone on off these CW series but I'll always appreciate how much fun they seem to have with it, Titans acts like it's amazing thought provoking material when it's...yeah just not.

                      Altered Carbon Season 2 next month, glad to hear that. I'm not entirely sure on the guy playing Kovacs since I think I've literally only seen him play Falcon in the MCU but it's a cool series anyway.

                      Still feeling lost after Mr. Robot. Nothing is comparing right now man.