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  • I'll go for the bonus answer of a third movie you watched instead!

    Watched the first episode of Titans season 2. Okay I guess, kinda glad the whole Trigon thing is dealt with for now that was...dull. Bring on Deathstroke.
    Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne?

    Love the guy but...I'm not sure I buy that lol, since when is Batman Scottish? I was like aw cool that must be Alfred! Love a bit of Alfred.
    Given that Batman is already old in this universe guess that means they'll kill him off sooner or later.

    I kind of like that actually though, it'll be interesting to see what heroes and villains are in play at this point in time. If these shows don't get canned, hopefully Swamp Thing was an isolated incident.


    • The bonus answer was actually correct, we watched The Thief and the Cobbler, the best movie that was never finished.


      • Click image for larger version  Name:	KQzFyMo.jpg Views:	0 Size:	149.6 KB ID:	7178

        The cast for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. My guess is that 75% of those people will play Z-list villains who'll appear for five seconds before being killed in a wacky fashion kinda like X-Force in Deadpool 2.

        Capaldi's gone completely bald for his role. He's playing Lex Luthor. Or Grant Morrison (they're both Scottish, it' not outside the realm of possibility).

        On other news, It Chapter 2 was bad... which I didn't mind too much since I wasn't a huge fan of the first one either. It was also the same film as Avengers Endgame. The Marvelization of horror cinema. 3 hours, with the first hour being the cast coming together again and setting up the plot. Second hour is a fetch quest where they go after magical trinkets and take a trip down memory lane. Third hour is the big cacophonic CGI climax. Again: exactly the same movie as Avengers 4. There was even a creator cameo.


        • That Stephen King cameo was strange. Was it so he could join in on the "good books but the endings suck" running joke? I get that's a jab on himself and King will most likely agree, but more people need to remember that he was high when writing those books lol

          I dig Peter Capaldi as Luthor if ONLY because Capaldi is a damn good actor. I've noticed many of the previous movie's cast members are gone, though. Shame, I wouldn't have minded seeing Croc or Kangaroo again.


          • Soo...does that mean Jesse Eisenberg is canned as Luthor or is this just in a different universe now? The state of the DCEU right now lol I hope they can piece it all together eventually.
            Not that I have much hope for the film anyway.

            I guess if Capaldi is a Luthor he could be Lionel? Batman vs Superman built up Lex's dad as an asshole so that would make sense, I suppose.

            The concept of Suicide Squad isn't so interesting that they should have desperately tried to make it work again so quick I would say, why not do another movie for one of the main heroes so that they can work towards making this universe coherent...?

            Whatever, Jai Courtney is still in it so it's doomed to fail.


            • I suggested the Luthor thing as a joke. All we know is that he shaved his head specifically for this role. DC has no shortage of bald villains. Maybe he'll be Mr. Freeze or something.


              • But can that just be a thing though Jesse Eisenbergs Luthor is...eh. I liked the idea of him being Luthor but he felt more like Jim Carrey's Riddler...just why.


                • Apparently NBC has announced its own streaming service.

                  This endless torrent of streaming services is heralding a new Golden Age of Piracy and I for one love it.


                  • Too right. I'm already paying for Virgin Media, BBC, Netflix, Nintendo, PSN, World of Warcraft, Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime. I'll be damned if I'm paying any more subscriptions just to watch one or two shows. As they say in Scotland, they can get ta fuck. I hope all these streaming services cause a crash. I really do.


                    • Currently only subscribing to two streaming services, Netflix and Eurosport Player. Otherwise I have an outrunning subscription with Strive which I hardly used and a subscription to Nintendo aswell. WoW is running out again since I can't be bothered right now.

                      Three actually if you count Amazon Prime Video.


                      • Yeah it's ridiculous, their own greed is matched only by their shortsightedness. Not many people have the money to pay £6.99 or more times like 8 to enjoy the shows they want to watch.
                        Especially when most of these services suck and they'll have one or two shows that are actually good but also regularly shuffle things around so you can no longer watch something you were interested in.

                        Currently watching Preacher season 1, it took a while to really draw us in but it's a pretty cool series so far.

                        Also Marilyn Manson is going to be in American Gods season 3...about the only reason I'm interested honestly.


                        • Seems like the new DOOM movie is straight to DVD since you can already download it.
                          Oh wow.
                          That's how you know it's some prime time entertainment. Can't wait.


                          • Resultado de imagen de doom annihilation

                            Can't be worse than the previous attempt... right?


                            • Currently watching it and so far it's basically just Aliens/generic sci-fi movie where everyone on the space ship is waking up from hypersleep or whatever and they're all quirky and stuff.

                              The main character is called Joan Dark, I assume that's just a reference to Joanna Dark from the Perfect Dark games...? Random. I don't really know what they'd be going for there unless they're literally trying to say that is her.
                              DOOM cinematic universe? Now that would be random.

                              Otherwise it's not freakishly terrible but not particularly interesting, the effects are pretty reasonable. It's like watching Battlestar Galactica or something.
                              EDIT I'll give them some credit, with the visuals they are at least trying. Computer visuals and whatnot are very much in line with the DOOM 2016 game, I could buy it being set in that world.

                              In watching this I think it could work okay as a TV series more than a movie, there's not gonna be enough time for anyone to give a shit about the fodder characters.

                              In general I think that definitely works better for games, condenscing a 20+ hour game in to an hour and a half of movie is just a silly idea to begin with. I hope The Witcher inspires more companies to try that, assuming it's good.

                              My thoughts as I watched:

                              Spoiler Alert!
                              EDIT so they're on the moon base where the DOOM stuff is happening and they just found their first dead guy, a UAC soldier by the name of William Blazkowitz...
                              C'mon man if you're gonna reference the Doom Slayers great grandaddy don't make him go out like some weakling he should be in a room full of bodies with a shotgun next to him for the main character to get an upgrade...

                              With so many references I'm still weirdly hopeful the Doom Slayer shows up somehow.

                              EDIT 2 this is basically just Aliens + Resident Evil(first movie)

                              So far there's been no explanation for why the main character is an incredible badass compared to the other marines in her unit, most of them have went down like total wimps to just basic zombie guys.

                              EDIT 3 So there's Imps now and they're HELLA jacket, like they take a whole clip of bullets at least to go down, for whatever reason. Initially Joan struggles with them and then for reasons she's able to do the whole Black Widow jump on your head and spin around thing.
                              They've got the BFG now, Blazkowitz had the key for it so at least he was special in some way.
                              We've also got some exciting romantic tension between Joan and the nerdy science guy she dated at some point.

                              Definitely what we want from a DOOM movie.

                              EDIT 4 I love this movie, it is so terrible.

                              So they have a romance bit outside an elevator where she remembers their first date, he's afraid of elevators.
                              "You remembered"
                              "I never forgot. Anything"
                              At the start of the movie she doesn't even remember how long they dated, she says it was a few days but it was four months.

                              AND THEN HE DIES LIKE TEN SECONDS LATER

                              A door just opens and a zombie or two grab him, he gets wrecked and that's it she goes off to fight the final boss after using the BFG on the imps...

                              I have made a better movie than this and I have never made a movie.

                              Oh, he comes back as a zombie to fight her and she's pleading with him to stop. I was waiting for the power of love to cure him but she ends up having to shoot him. That's...good I guess.

                              EDIT 5 WHAT

                              While she's fighting her zombie ex the evil science man, who she should have just shot right away, does some bad things. Then he gets her pistol and holds her up, she predictably grabs it back and shoots him.
                              And oh no, he's actually all demony because he went to hell so it doesn't kill him.

                              And then he freaking Force Pushes her in to the portal. This is amazing.

                              EDIT 6 so it ends with her being Force Pushed in to Hell where she sees idk, Satan or whoever, looking like the Witch King from Lotr and he talks a bit about how humans are bad then she one shots him with the BFG...no big boss fight.
                              At the same time there's like 60 Imps(who look like Imps, others must have been Hell Knights idk) all like 15 feet away from her.
                              After she shoots the big dude they start charging and then she somehow shoots a huge amount of them, they magically appear much further away from her and the BFG also starts making huge explosions, before it vaporised a single target.

                              Then she throws plasma grenades behind her as she jumps through another portal, landing her safely on Earth.

                              But then the portal is still open and the science guys on Earth don't listen to her, so they inject her with something to restrain her and it ends with obvious signs demons are going to come through the portal. Holy crap.

                              Well, that was fun in a really really bad way. Generic as hell movie but it at least visually looked DOOM'y sometimes.
                              Y'know, if it wasn't such a dumpster fire that nobody would touch the IP for ages now it would make a...well, a prequel, not a good one but it would work.
                              It'll never happen but I'd take a sequel with the Doom Slayer.

                              Just...Christ why, they clearly put at least some research in to DOOM with the design choices and references, one of the fodder soldiers talks about going "Ultra violence" even and the captain or whatever has a classical shotgun.
                              And yet they still came out with this movie.
                              Last edited by Steve; 30-09-2019, 11:08 PM.


                              • Just watched Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal.

                                Surprise, surprise, it's great so far.