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  • Season 3 of Legion has began. I love this show's confidence. Noah Hawley & co clearly stand by their creative decisions instead of backing down just to "please the fans" or whatever. Most creative teams in TV don't have the luck of ending a show on their own terms, doing whatever they want. Legion's team can do this for two reasons: first one being that this isn't a CW or Netflix show designed to last for as long as possible; with a clear creative endgame in sight, it never mattered that the show was clearly not going to be renewed for a fourth season, because it wasn't supposed to last that long. The second reason is that... well, only three people in the planet watch it, so there's very little on the way of creative restrictions. People who felt alienated by season 2; well, we're still on the first episode of season 3 but the show's clearly not interested in winning anyone back. Just on doing its thing. And that's kind rare in TV these days.

    Which is not to say that the show didn't change. I think Hawley said in an interview that he wanted each individual season to have its own identity, and this season premiere makes that clear. Season 3 already seems to have a distinct identity of its own and avoids some of the stuff that bothered me in the final stretch of season 2. Let's hope (me and the two other people who watch Legion, that is) that they keep doing their own thing and that the show ends well.

    On other news; I've watched Good Omens. Pretty good, imo. They do a great job at switching from funny to sentimental on a whim.

    Also watched The Last Jedi. I'm not really a Star Wars fan so I skipped all of the Disney movies after Rogue One but I ended up watching TLJ and I... didn't hate it, to be honest. It's no better or worse than the median Disney movie these days. There was a lot of talk, both positive and negative, about how this movie took chances and "subverted expectations" and I don't really see that? Like, at all? It's certainly a more confident and driven movie than TFA but, in the end, there's nothing that substantial to either praise or complain about.


    • Lol that's kind of hilarious.

      As much as I love Halloween I really don't see a need for another one, if you want to kill Michael and introduce someone new then cool whatever but eh, the new Halloween felt kinda redundant to me. It would have just been a good ending to his story but seemed obvious it wouldn't be left at that so the whole movie felt like a waste of time to me.

      I watched Blade Runner 2049 finally the other day.

      Didn't much care for it. I really don't get the hype for these movies. It had some cool bits sure but I have no idea how it cost them $150-185 million to make, it was mostly just images of dead cities and none of the effects seemed that insane.
      I guess it's a cool universe? But we don't see enough of it for me to really give a shit, you barely see anyone in the film it's pretty much like the whole world is dead and while that could somewhat be true it barely tells you anything about what's been going on since the first movie, so, again, why should I care?

      Overall it was a really simple movie that seemed like it was trying to pretend it was something huge and...really not sure why it needed to be nearly 3 hours long.


      • They would just bring back Michael if they were to replace him. It's what happens all the time.

        People are pleased with the originals and not the replacements.
        The Mighty Bakuzan

        I’m the kind of guy who always liked picking on the weak! That’s the true reason why I searched for strength. Man, it feels so good to admit this!


        • Given how fast information about this stuff comes and goes and how quickly people lose interest, this is already old news, but the post-credits Avengers Endgame DLC content apparently is:

          Spoiler Alert!
          A Stan Lee tribute, an unfinished scene of Hulk saving some people in one of the big action beats, and a scene from Spider-Man Far From Home.

          Guess it was foolish of me to expect a big Impossible Man cameo.


          • Jesus, that's weaksauce.

            And I'm sure now that'll start a big trend of big movie DLC.
            Spoiler Alert!
            Nice to see Hulk getting some love I guess but too little too late, he is already a wasted character

            The Witcher TV series is looking alright so far. I hope it turns out well.

            There's not enough fantasy shows going around these days, there was really only GOT until recently and even then it's pretty light on fantasy, least until the end.
            Hope they put some good stories in it, be nice to see him doing a lot of actual contracts.


            • Finally watched Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

              I'll just leave all of my thoughts from discord here.

              I definitely liked it better than the first Legendary Godzilla movie
              I'd say I liked it better than Kong: Skull Island too
              Though I'll probably remember John C. Reilly's character more than anyone in this movie with the exception of Serizawa
              But Serizawa has been in past Godzilla movies so he has that in his favor, whereas Reilly's character was original
              Still, though probably the best part of the movie, I don't remember his character's name
              And while the humans in this movie were fine, certainly better than the boring family from Godzilla (2014), I'm sure I'll forget about them eventually
              Monster action was unquestionably better, no cut away bullshit and a wider range of monsters
              But they had the benefit of being from past movies (Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah...)
              I did like the Behemoth Titan though
              Gorilla Mammoth
              I liked that it wasn't as dark as the 2014 movie and that there were bright enough scenes to see the monsters clearly, like when Ghidorah went above the clouds (possibly even to the upper atmosphere?) or by the end
              I think the ending was my favourite part, with the last Godzilla VS Ghidorah fight being a close second
              It was awesome seeing Ghidorah powerless against Burning (?) Godzilla, to the point where his attacks were like a weak breeze against him
              But it was even cooler how the other Titans arrived and bowed before him
              And bam, fitting time for the title drop
              It left me satisfied and I might watch it again
              It had the original Godzilla theme plus a cover of the Go Go Godzilla song, that alone will earn it a thumbs up from me
              The Mighty Bakuzan

              I’m the kind of guy who always liked picking on the weak! That’s the true reason why I searched for strength. Man, it feels so good to admit this!


              • Yeah I thought it was great, the human drama didn't blow me away but it was fine? Nobody in their right mind is there for the pathetic humans.

                I liked how they came out and said King Ghidorah is an alien, as silly as the Godzilla universe is it would have been super dumb to be like "Alien? Oh no now that's ridiculous!"
                Love how there's a Titan from Scotland and how that Titan comes from Loch Ness, wish we got to see it but guess whatever happens next will feature all of them.

                I hope Godzilla vs Kong does well because King of Monsters didn't even though it topped the box office for a while, hopefully they won't can it.

                Currently downloading The Belko Experiment. Not sure why I've never heard of that movie, sounds pretty good.


                • We watched the Jumanji reboot last night...actually kinda liked it?

                  I can see why people would be bitter about it but it's a dumb movie for children just like the old one, having Robin Williams in it hardly made it incredible literature.
                  It was a little cheesy how everyone became their polar opposite but whatever, movie for children. I feel like people often forget new generations appear and "love yourself" lessons we all saw in movies as kids still need to be re-told to new kids who haven't learned that yet, can they just watch old movies? Technically yes but it's not like every parent has a rigid course of old ass movies every kid has to watch.

                  Anyway yeah fun movie, I expected it to be way worse than it was. The dynamic between the characters was pretty funny and mostly wholesome, Spencer and Fridge's conflict felt super weak and unresolved though.

                  Jack Black playing a sassy popular girl was fantastic.

                  On that I think the whole cast was pretty good, Kevin Hart was a little eh but I think that's more just the character he played wasn't very fleshed out. Karen Gillan playing the shy nerd girl was great and Dwayne Johnson as the nerdy weakling was pretty good too.

                  The sequel looks like it could be fun, this first one was an incredibly simple story so I'd say there's a good chance it should be at least as good. But then again film makers have screwed up even easier jobs.


                  • Gonna go watch Godzilla: KOTM again today

                    If I don't get too sleepy that is
                    The Mighty Bakuzan

                    I’m the kind of guy who always liked picking on the weak! That’s the true reason why I searched for strength. Man, it feels so good to admit this!


                    • Did you notice the silhouette of Mothra's wings when Godzilla is going Super Saiyan? Saw someone point that out, pretty cool detail, feels very anime.

                      So far Stranger Things season 3 is far better than season 2. I barely remember 2, 'cept for Bob. A shame it's only 8 episodes but it has a lot more drive to it than the second season.
                      Puberty is hella weird, any time there's a flashback to earlier times it feels like it was 10 years ago or something. Damn they grew quick.


                      • I still haven't even seen Stranger Things Season 2 yet. I'll probably get to it when I'm done with Parks & Rec.

                        Saw Spider-Man last weekend, amazing, best Marvel movie yet imo.
                        <a href=https://66.media.tumblr.com/a778744563b75011121936a823684030/tumblr_psl1u83vEI1qgwefso5_500.gif target=_blank>https://66.media.tumblr.com/a7787445...wefso5_500.gif</a>


                        • Steve I didn't get to see it again, but I know what you mean

                          Resultado de imagen de Godzilla mothra wings
                          The Mighty Bakuzan

                          I’m the kind of guy who always liked picking on the weak! That’s the true reason why I searched for strength. Man, it feels so good to admit this!


                          • Saw Spider-Man the other day. Fun movie, easily the best of the MCU in a while, but still nothing special.

                            Stranger Things 3 was alright. Definitely better than 2. I'm not sure if I can take much more of this 80s retrowave stuff, though. Not just in Stranger Things, but in general. I'm glad that 80s nostalgia (in music, television, etc) seems to have quieted down a little but there's still way too much of it.
                            Last edited by Topographic Oceans; 13-07-2019, 11:05 PM.


                            • Yeah I do like an 80's nostalgia thing or any decently old timey setting but a lot of things seem content with "Look it's old! Look at all these references, you love this right!?" rather than just being good within that setting. I think Stranger Things is definitely better than most but it's kind of becoming another one of those shows, like so many others, that just becomes about relationship problems.

                              Like Jesus, that just hit me earlier, why are 90% of TV shows ultimately about that? I get that human pairbonding is a big part of our lives but when almost every TV show is heavily focused on that it sure as hell doesn't make for enriching entertainment.

                              Far too much time is dedicated to "Will they, won't they?" scenarios that do absolutely nothing to drive a plot.

                              Didn't know they were actually making another DOOM movie.
                              With a female lead.
                              And again basically no connection to, y'know, DOOM.

                              God help us all.

                              What is it with movie making and deciding to flip shit around when something doesn't even have established success yet? There hasn't been a good DOOM movie yet, why on Earth would people like one without the Doom Marine in it. If you want to have him trapped in hell and have his daughter saving the day in a sequel whatever, it'll probably still be a shitty pandering movie but a set up like this is...heh, DOOMed to fail.

                              All a DOOM movie needs is to be Hardcore Henry with demons, hell stuff and a better FOV.