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  • Well, Godzilla exceeded my expectations, damn that was a ride.

    I don't get the complaints about the human drama at all, it was fine. Charles Dance's character was a bit eh but everyone else was alright, obviously not Oscar worthy but really who gives a shit? Nobody is here to see the tiny little ants scramble around.
    The monster action was glorious, the world needs big dumb spectacle movies like this I think.

    I hope they don't lose faith in it since it underperformed earnings wise, that's a shame, the amount of work put in to the animation must have been crazy.

    Given how it ends and the new world that's set up I wonder why exactly Godzilla and Kong are even going to be fighting.


    • I enjoyed the new series of Black Mirror but Miley Cyrus' episode didn't fit the mould. Second episode with Andrew Scott was the best. Stupidly good actor.


      • Saw John Wick 3 last night. Crazy film.

        I liked it more than the second movie but I feel like it dragged a bit, the action was incredible but at a certain point it becomes a bit samey since you know he's just going to beat everyone anyway and it becomes a tad ridiculous like how does he survive all this shit? I wonder if the film series could have benefited from a Mortal Kombat style X-Ray thing to show how broken he is inside.

        This movie only had a $75 million budget, it's insane how much better movies tend to be when they're more restricted like that, not that it's super low but still obviously lower than CGI fests.

        My favourite sequence was probably the one with all the knives, that shit was comical.

        The main thing I like about these movies but also the main thing that's a problem in them for me is that John Wick is an insane badass but all the enemies he fights are crazy skilled too, so he does take hits quite often which is pretty cool, he doesn't just sail through every battle untouched like he's fighting worthless goons.
        But yeah that just adds to "How is he even still alive" questions.

        Can't wait to see what happens in the next movie and how this universe ties up.

        Also Halle Berry was pretty kickass in the movie. In my mind I always feel like she's a terrible actress because of her character in Die Another Day but she always proves me wrong. Commander of the best boys.


        • Rewatched Glass and liked it much, much better this time around. The colorful mythology of superhero comics is undercut by the depressing mundanity of politics and bureaucracy. The final battle between hero and villain can't be fully concretized because a reactionary political power is bent on making sure the general public is ignorant of "people like them"; and "people like them being silenced" is an obvious and widely applicable metaphor these days. However, it still ends in a hopeful note... it's actually sorta the same ending as They Live. Anyway, very good movie and works much better on rewatch.

          On another note... the dystopian scenario of fanboys tying their identities to the financial success (or lack thereof) of mega-companies is still going strong with this new Dark Phoenix movie. Some MCU fans are legit ecstatic that the last installment of Fox's X-Men franchise is bombing, even if it's now owned by Disney. This evisceration of Fox's X-franchise is kinda sad. Most of the movies are absolute garbage (this new one probably is, too), but you'll probably never get Marvel adaptations like Logan or Legion again. Regardless of your feelings on those, they're easily far more interesting than your median MCU movie/TV show. Or even the Deadpool movies, which I wasn't a fan of, but were generally well received. But the general feeling right now seems to be that Fox's X-Men was nothing but two decades of trash; a feeling that can be genuine but seems generally motivated by petty fandom squabbling and people building their identities around the movies/comics they enjoy and how much money they make.

          And yeah, I always associate Halle Berry with bad acting in my head. Think of Catwoman. But she's actually perfectly capable of being good at her job.


          • Yeah I think a lot of people were turned away by how horrible Glass makes you feel, it's shit to see them go down like that but as much as it made me tear up I appreciated a harsh ending instead of cookie cutter "And then the hero saves the day!" feel good crap, we've had that hundreds of times.

            Yeah, I've always had a soft spot for the X-Men series. Some of them are absolutely dreadful but I think even movies like Origins have their highlights, it's probably the most interesting comic universe set up on screen so far(that encompasses multiple movies) I think they should have ignored Days of Future Past for a while, massive fall off a cliff there.

            I look forward to Wolverine showing up in the MCU and his entire character being "Bub" haha, Logan says that all the time!
            Don't forget his PG-13 friendly claws of did I kill you or just knock you out...?

            I do hope they make the smart decision to keep X-Men separate and more adult orientated, you can still sell toys either way Disney don't worry.


            • Originally posted by Steve View Post
              I look forward to Wolverine showing up in the MCU and his entire character being "Bub" haha, Logan says that all the time!
              Don't forget his PG-13 friendly claws of did I kill you or just knock you out...?
              So he's going to be the Logan from Wolverine & the X-Men, clawing through robots Samurai Jack style and that's it, not even using the damn claws to stab Hulk (who was grey yet dumb in that series for some reason), only tossing snow on his eyes.


              • I don't actually remember him attacking many people in the old cartoon but he sure as hell seemed vicious, which was great. It's a shame we haven't had much of his epic R rated self on screen, love the Logan vs X22(or whatever) fight.

                Currently downloading Us, I've heard many good things.
                I have also heard too many good things about Get Out, such as the entire plot so sadly I'll never really be able to enjoy that but Us sounds cool.


                • There's been like 3 X-Men cartoons plus a pilot that went nowhere and an OVA, you'll have to be more specific lol

                  Though yes, he was very vicious still in Wolverine & the X-Men in spite of the aforementioned censorship, courtesy of Steve Blum being one of the best Wolverines (up there with Scott McNeil and Cathal J. Dodd), getting to play him in the bloody Hulk VS Wolverine movie (which is good and is supposed to take place in the same Earth as the Wolverine & the X-Men show, as well as Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes). Even in Avengers: EMH, though they censored it, you could see the blood in the shadows of the dinosaurs Wolverine was killing.



                  • This all reminds me of Morbius in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. A vampire who, because of content restrictions, "absorbed plasma" through weird little suction cups in his hands instead of sucking blood with his fangs. He still had fangs, though, just to look cool. Even as a kid, I thought that was weird. I never picked up on things like Wolverine only slashing through Sentinels and other non-human things or the Punisher only using sci-fi stun lasers, but Morbius' plasma thing was just too absurd to go unnoticed even by a child. I obviously didn't know it was because of content restrictions but still... I distinctly remember wondering what was up with the whole plasma thing.

                    I hope Jared Leto in Sony's upcoming Venom-verse Morbius movie is all about that sweet PLASMA.
                    Last edited by Topographic Oceans; 14-06-2019, 10:35 PM.


                    • I remember far too much weird stuff like that in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

                      The reused shots, the often disappearing effects on characters' voices, the fact that Kingpin was stronger than even friggin' Rhino, how Spidey often ran from problems or webbed them instead of punching them (doing this only three times in the entirety of the series), pretty much every weapon being lasers or missiles... It never me bothered me, though.

                      I rewatch the series every now and then, it still doesn't bother me. I now understand why, though. Censorship is a b*tch.


                      • I actually never thought Morbius was weird because for some reason I thought it was all sci-fi stuff, so like he's not actually a vampire just some sort of mutant.
                        Vampires and supernatural stuff don't exist, that would be stupid.
                        Given I was like...idk 5-7 I guess that's a reasonably intelligent observation, if, totally and completely wrong...

                        Can't wait for the Morbius movie, Venom could have been better but I really like the idea of a villain+anti-hero/villain verse regardless. I just hope they can bump it up to R rated, though Venom was passably graphic at least.
                        I suppose that's better than just excessive gore with CGI blood everywhere.


                        • I wouldn't be surprised if they gave Morbius those suction things on his hands for the Morbius movie, since Avi Arad (a well known producer of Spider-Man: The Animated Series) worked on the Venom movie. I wouldn't mind it either.


                          • I desperately want Woody Harrelson to still be wearing his terrible red wig in the Venom sequel.


                            • I'm still just hoping this Kraven movie happens, loved that dude in the 90's cartoon.

                              I can see why people instantly assume these movies will fail but eh, don't see why we shouldn't give them a chance, if they want to centre a movie around a villain then they obviously have some sort of idea for what to do and what comics to pull stuff from, could still be crap but people act like they plan to just have a character playing basketball for the whole runtime and expect people to go wild for their favourite villain.

                              Damn shame Marvel has the rights to Blade.

                              I wonder if they could pit Kraven against Morbius? That would work to introduce him in to this verse and then he gets his own movie later. So far that process seems to work when multiple characters have to be developed.

                              WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS WAS A THING?

                              What a random and awesome sequel to get, hope it's good.
                              Last edited by Steve; 17-06-2019, 11:29 PM.


                              • Kraven hunting down Morbius would make sense.

                                I've also heard of them working on a Nightwatch movie... which seems like a bad time given how others are working on the Spawn film and everyone and their mother would go "hold on why is there another Spawn movie", unless they tweak his design a bit

                                Resultado de imagen de sony nightwatch

                                It'd make sense since he's teamed up with Venom... but he's not the only one lol

                                Resultado de imagen de sony nightwatch

                                I guess it's just bad luck that they'd be working on a Spawn film at the same time...

                                Too bad they don't have the rights for a Venom/Hulk team up.

                                Sony, if you're reading this and somehow get the rights for Hulk, keep this SNL reference in that team up.